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As you can probably guess by the name this website is based on improving erection quality but it also goes over much other health an sexual performance and male enhancement information.

On this blog, I will be giving you my honest clear reviews and advise on real life-changing result’s. I will also go over things that you can do to get the best results and information about techniques you can use to increase your sexual performance and help you long term to have a long happy relationship with great sex!! After all, that’s what all of us men want. We aim to Please and we aim to be better!

This site is not just aimed at men suffering from ED but for all men who want the chance of improving their sex lives. When I first made this site I was just looking to help men improve their sex lives, now I have started to compile a list of male enhancement product reviews.

All of these products have been reviewed by my self and I only review safe and natural ways to improve your sex lives. If it’s a male enhancement pill that gives you side effects you won’t find it here. If it’s a male enhancement product that does not work you will also not find it here. I only write reviews on products that really work and that you can trust in.

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What are the Causes of Soft Erection’s

There are Four main causes of Erection problems

  • problems affecting the blood flow to your penis;
  • conditions affecting your nervous system, which is made up of your brain, nerves, and spinal cord;
  • conditions affecting your hormone levels;
  • conditions affecting the physical structure of your penis.

Outside factors such as smoking, obesity and the use of certain drugs or alcohol can also lead to erectile dysfunction or ED. Any condition that affects or blocks your bodies arteries or restricted blood flow could lead to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure and a poor cholesterol can cause hardening of arteries, including those in the penis. A weak heart, because your heart is effectively just a pump to get the blood where it needs to be, could also cause soft erections. Testosterone plays a key part in healthy erectile function, without it you will not achieve an erection. Illicit drugs use, excessive alcohol consumption or prescription drugs may all cause impotence. Alcohol, marijuana, and heroin are all noted as drugs that can cause ED or make your erections not as hard.

In some cases, your emotions or relationship problems can lead to ED, such as:

  1. bad communication with your partner;
  2. Feelings of doubt or failure;
  3. Stress, fear, anxiety, and anger;
  4. Expecting too much from sex. This can make sex a task instead of a joy.

Erection problems can affect men at any age but are more common in older men. Physical causes are more common in older men and emotional causes are more common in younger men. These problems can all be caused by different things and we are all different and different changes will help different people in different ways. Understanding the most common potential causes can help a person identify why they may be experiencing the condition.

Emotional and Psychological Effects of ED


Erectile dysfunction is humiliating, embarrassing and can really knock a guys confidence there is nothing worse than the way it makes you feel. The favorite saying is “this never normally happens to me”. Psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction are responsible for about 20% of all cases of ED. This could be a reaction to an underlying physical cause. In some cases, the psychological effects of ED could come from an underline problem. But, the most common psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Low confidence or self-esteem
  • Guilt
  • Depression

A soft or non-existent erection can cause anxiety, stress and in some cases lead to depression and social withdrawal. ED can also put a huge strain on a relationship, on both sides. It’s a problem which few men will admit to. Yet impotence, the permanent or temporary inability to make love, impacts at least one in every ten men. It also wrecks about one in five marriages of those affected.

Erection Boosting Foods

If erectile dysfunction is getting you down don’t let it! There are many different ways to overcome these types of problems There are many known causes of erectile dysfunction, a drop in B vitamins could be one. B vitamins are used in the production of blood and cell growth. This can significantly improve your blood flow, which is vital when trying to maintain an erection when you’re having sexual intercourse. Here are some foods that may help you recover from erectile dysfunction. Here are some of the best foods that will help you “get hard”

I have researched and tested these different foods and I am 100% confident that trying to get some of these foods into your regular diet is going to help you to overcome your erection issues. These are all foods that will help with erections but all in different ways clink the link below for an explanation of what foods will help you and exactly how they will do this.

  1. Coffee;
  2. Watermelon;
  3. Chilies;
  4. Bananas;
  5. Cherries and Berries;
  6. Pomegranate;
  7. Oysters or nuts and seeds instead;
  8. Red wine;
  9. Citrus Fruits.

All of these Foods are going to help you get, and keep rock hard erections. Small changes can make a big difference and completely change your life!

Erection Boosting Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals

There are so many herbs, vitamins, minerals and plants out there for helping with impotence also some of them can help you with your libido sexual stamina and better, more frequent erections. You can look at male enhancement herbs, vitamins and minerals in two different ways one way is to compare them to actual prescription drugs like sildenafil or the other way is to look how they benefit you. Some of these are remedies for erectile dysfunction but don’t increase sexual want and desire, while others help with things like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction and they also act as a natural aphrodisiac at the same time. The baseline is the right ingredients in a supplement is massively important for success. Men who are experienced with using herbal supplements for stimulating libido find that they get the best results by using several different herbs and varying them. Herbal libido can help you to recover your sex drive regardless of the reason for your low libido, and each herb will help in different ways curing different issues.

  • Arginine;
  • Horny Goat Weed;
  • Korean Red Ginseng;
  • Vitamin D;
  • Yohimbine;
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin);
  • Maca;
  • Cordyceps;
  • Catuaba;
  • Tribulus Terrestris.

Click the link below to find out how these natural herbs can help in different ways and what affects that they can have and also informing you of any risks and side effects. These are not all “herbs” but ingredients in male enhancement pills, herbs, plants, foods, minerals, vitamins and some of them are natural Pde5 inhibitors.

Natural Supplements For Harder Erections

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Male enhancement supplements are dietary supplements that are produced and sold to Improve Men’s sexual health, also known as penis pills or male enhancement pills. These pills are formulated to increase libido, stamina, heighten sex drive, increase testosterone levels, reduce premature ejaculation, boost sperm health and improve your erection quality. These male enhancement supplements contain natural aphrodisiacs that are herbs, nutrients, vitamins, botanicals or plant/fruit extracts and other substances. every supplement is different in strength and formulas including completely different ingredients used and the amount of each ingredient used to make every supplement unique. Most of these formulas are concentrated on increasing blood flow to your penis to a chamber called the corpora cavernosa the more blood this chamber can hold the bigger, better and harder your erections will be.

most of these kinds of supplements are 100% safe to use with no risk of any side effects, but there are some brands that use certain ingredient’s that can give you side effect’s, so just be careful when choosing a male enhancement supplement a herb to look out for is Yohimbe which you can read more info about on the herbs section of my website or check out my male enhancement reviews to find out which good quality supplements are completely safe and completely side-effect free to use.

normally these type’s of supplement’s take a few weeks to start to have an effect some people even quicker than that and will experience the benefits within a few days but the longer you keep taking the supplement the better your sexual experience will be Including better erection quality, better orgasms and increased libido and stamina. Normally I take my supplement’s with a smoothie in the morning, it is very important not to miss days because it may reduce your benefits, every brand has their guide to dosage and really depends on how strong the ingredients are. I would advise following the stated dosage by the company.

It has taken me a long time to find natural male enhancement products that also boost libido and stamina, some have even given me a boost in energy levels in my daily life. There are so many of these types of supplements out there and it is hard to find ones that are good quality and actually work. There are even some male supplement’s that actually contain viagra even though they are stating that they don’t. Most of us men have one thing in common; we all want to be better than other men, it’s who we are, it’s what we do. Sexual performance, stamina, and powerful erections are all components that make up the male supplement industry. I have done my best to bring you accurate information on supplements that work! Our Male Enhancement reviews will save you time, money and all of the risk. Click on the link below to view my top rated lists and more Information about ingredients and my own personal results. You can also check out my introduction to my top 3 supplements video if you click the link below. For an additional 10% discount on max performer use discount code EVERYDAYERECTIONS

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Believe it or not, exercise and keeping fit will help men with erectile dysfunction. Yes. In addition to other health benefits, regular exercise can help men with their erections. Exercise is good for the circulatory system. It keeps blood flowing smoothly throughout the body. I personally like to do some sort of exercise at least 3 times a week but the more you put in the more you will get back. Exercise and keeping fit plays a vital role in your body normal function so keeping fit will impact you massively.