Bathmate Hydromax Review Introduction

Hello and welcome to my bathmate hydromax review, In this Review I am going to explain to you guys what the bathmate hydromax is, what it is used for, exactly how to use the bathmate hydromax for the maximum result’s.

I will also go over my personal results and gain’s that I have personally got from using this hydro pump.

I will try to be as detailed and informative as possible so you can understand the reason why these bathmate penis pumps are so great.

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What Is The Bathmate Range Of Penis Pumps?

This is a very sophisticated penis pump that is one of the best and more importantly the safest penis pump’s available for sale on the market today. This was the first penis pump that I used and it’s the main purpose is to give you extra penis girth but even though it is aimed at penis girth it does extend penis length as well if you use it regularly the results are even better.

This range of penis enlargement devices have been made to be used in water either the bath or the shower for maximum result’s. This helps with a better seal and helps the hydro pump to work properly and to its full potential.

Does The Bathmate Hydromax Work?

Well, the question you are probably asking if you are reading this review is does the Bathmate Hydromax work? The answer is yes it work’s very well and actually, you will see result’s very, very fast actually you will see good results after the first use of this penis pump.

That is the great thing about these pump’s and that is the main reason that makes’s these penis pumps so popular.

The main thing you have to get right for these pumps to work properly is to use the right size pump for you if you don’t use the right size you will not get the desired results.

Why Would You Use This Type Of Vacuum Pump?

There are many different kinds’s of penis vacuum pump’s available but the main thing I can’t stress enough about is safety.

There have been many other types of these kind’s of pump’s that have landed men in surgery and damaged their penis for life which is why even when I first used the Bathmate after reading these horror stories, I was worried and very cautious.

To put your mind at ease you are very safe and these risks have been very thought out and taking into consideration when Bathmate have designed their penis pumps.

I would not advise buying very cheap alternative’s or copies of these kind’s of pump’s like this one in the picture, you are risking your health and could result with serious damage to your penis.

How To Choose The Right Size Pump

So as I said earlier it is very important that you choose the right size penis pump to personally suit the user’s penis size if you do not choose this properly you will not get the best result’s or the pump will not give you any gain’s at all.

So I will now go over how to choose the right pump for you…

  1. The Bathmate X20 pump in the Bathmate Hydromax range it has been designed for a penis length no bigger than 5.5 inches in length and Is said to give you gains of up to 7.6 inches in penis length and 5.5 of girth if you get to this point where it is no longer big enough I’m afraid you will have to purchase the next size up to carry on.
  2. The next size up is the Bathmate X30 this is suitable for the average size guys with a penis length of up to 7.5 inches and average girth of 2 inches of girth up to 6 inches.
  3. Next is the Bathmate Hydromax X40 this pump is for guys with a penis length of 7.5 – 10 inches in length and anything up to 7.9 inches of girth.
  4. So next up is the Goliath this pump is the biggest pump in the range it is made for guys with a penis length starting at 9 inches and upwards in length and also goes up to 9 inches in girth as well.
  5. They also have the Bathmate extreme range which is better than the original Bathmate because it comes with a hand pump with fully customizable pressure which make’s this pump much easier to use and get to the right pressure to suit the individual user. The Bathmate Hydromax also comes in the other size’s the Hydromax extreme X20 X30 the X40 and the Bathmate extreme X50 this Bathmate extreme also comes with various other added extra’s included in the kit this includes a case, shower strap, measuring gauge, cleaning sponge, hose attachment, security lock, lube and  comfort sleeve which is fully removable for cleaning purposes all of these added extras make this pump the best for comfort and ease of use.

How To Use These Pumps

Bathmate-hydromaxSo as I have already said previously the Bathmate Hydromax penis pump’s work best for maximum results are to be used in the bath or the shower.

It actually gets a better seal if you don’t have many pubes so it’s better to remove them previous to using this pump although it is still usable without trimming.

So, first of all, you want your penis to be loose and relaxed and also your ball sack loose and relaxed you don’t want your sack to get sucked into the tube it could be quite painful.

Next what you have to do is fill your hydromax with a  warm water not to hot and not to cold fill it all the way up so you can’t fit any more water in it, then your are going to insert your penis into the open end of the penis pump. After you have it in the right position give it a push up to your body and it will suck on you and should hold in place.

Then you can pump the bathmate up which will suck your penis up the tube and widen its size normally this will pull blood into your penis and give you an erection.

Some guys use this when they are already erect and that is also fine.

Once you have it pumped up to a good pressure then leave it for roughly 5 minutes and repeat this process about three times.

Its important to let you know that when you first start to use the Bathmate Hydromax you don’t go to high on the pressure and don’t rush, as you get more used to using it you can build up the pressure and also increase the usage a day I would start with just x2 5 minute sessions at a lower pressure at first.

When you are more used to using the pump you can up the use to 3X 5 minute sessions twice a day.

Below is a great video giving you a step by step of how to use the Bathmate pump in the bath it will really help you to understand exactly how to use this penis pump device…

Are There Any Side effects?

If you use this range of penis pump’s sensibly you will not get any side effects.

As I said earlier make sure you get the right size because if you get it wrong you can end up with a swollen and bruised penis which will not be comfortable.

When you first use these penis pumps go up in pressure gradually and don’t pump the pressure so high that it is uncomfortable you could end up with swelling or bruising.

Best Place To Buy The Bathmate Hydromax

So you can buy any of these pumps from a few online stores but there are some fake online stores about selling rip off product’s that can be dangerous to use.

The best place to buy a genuine Bathmate penis pump is direct on the Official Website for the best price and biggest discount.

Discount code and Shipping Info

Shipping Is very discreet and your invoice and payment details are also discreet and secure, the product will arrive in plain packaging so it will not be embarrassing for you to receive your pump normally you will receive your order within a couple of days.

The official website say’s for most countries shipping is free of charge but if you live a considerable distance from the shipping depo there will be a charge which will be added to your order when you check out.

If you are unhappy with your purchase you have up to 60 day’s to return your order for your money back. At the moment there is no discount code’s for these pumps. If I find a discount code or voucher code I will be sure to add it to this review to get you the best discount and biggest savings on your order.

Price Guide

These are the price’s at the moment if the price’s change I will update accordingly to give you the most up to date information. The current prices are…

Hercules – From $110

X20 – From $139

X30 – From $159

X40 – From $199

X20 Extreme $249

X30 Extreme $299

X40 Extreme $349

X50 Extreme $399

The discount code’s for the Bathmate Hydromax range, unfortunately, there isn’t a discount at this current time. If Bathmate does give any discount in the future I will be sure to add it to my review.

Do You Have To Use This Penis Enlargement Pump In Water?

As you can probably tell from the name Bathmate Hydromax it has been designed for the best result’s to be used in water.

You can use these pump’s without water but you will get better result’s using the product in the bath or shower for a better seal and vacuum.

My Personal Bathmate Hydromax Extreme Result’s

So how did the Bathmate pump work for me? I have read some awful horror stories from people using penis pump’s so I was slightly nervous to use this product at first.

When I got used to using the Bathmate extreme It actually worked very well and I was surprised to see how quickly it worked for me it literally works instantly after the first use!

I could notice a difference straight away after using the Hydromax extreme X30 for 3 month’s every day and the girth gain’s of this penis pump are incredible it slightly increased my length around 0.5 inches this product is better for extra girth I gained around 0.7 in girth and me and my girlfriend found this product brilliant for that.

If you are looking for ways to increase length you are better off checking out my size genetic’s review. But for girth, the Hydromax extreme has been the best product that I have got the best result’s from.

If you would like to purchase any of the Bathmate pump’s click the link below and it will take you to the official website where you can choose the pump that is right for you with any extra’s that you may require.

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Overview Is It Worth Having?

Yes I would say this is a great penis enlargement tool that has been carefully designed with the safety of use in mind. This is the best penis pump that I have ever had the pleasure of using, the thing that I found so good about this penis pump was that it really does work after the first time you use it.

If you use it just before sex it is amazing honestly I don’t know how you could be disappointed if you get one it will change your life and the gains are permanent which is even better!!

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