Hi guys, my names Darren and today i’m going to be talking about the best penis pumps that are available to buy online today.

These types of penis pumps are called hydropumps and I have found these types of penis pumps to be the safest and most effective types of penis pumps.

Penis Girth Gains

Penis pumps are known most for increasing a mans penis size which they do very well, and very quickly, actually the more you use them the better they work.

Penis pumps are perfect for guys that are looking to increase penis girth and length quickly you will see girth gains after the very first time you use them.

I have found these types of pump are amazing for extra penis girth but they are also great for many other sexual problems such as…

Erectile dysfunction

Penis pumps are amazing for guys that suffer with erectile dysfunction this is because when you use a penis pump it sucks the blood straight into your penis and actually helps you to gain an erection and believe me you will have a fatter harder erection the more you use it the more it will help if you do suffer with ED.

Curved penis

The suction of a penis pump will stretch your penis out and over time will help to straighten a curved penis this will take time and is not a one time use rectification.

Top Rated Penis Pumps That Work

These Are My Top Rated penis pumps the ones that gave me the best results.

#1 Penomet Penis Pump


This is my top rated penis pump and the one that worked the best and was the easiest penis pump to choose.

Simply because its a one size fits all penis pump which makes everything a lot simpler.

There are different strength gators to customise the pressure so you can start of steady and work your way up.

Another reason I thought this penis pump should be at the #1 spot is because even after you gain size you will not need to keep upgrading your pump to the next size up because you will never grow out of it.

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#2 The Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump


This is another great penis pump and actually Is another great penis pump the thing that I found the best about the bathmate hydromax extreme was that it had an extra hand pump so you could adjust the pressure bit by bit and get it to a comfortable pressure easily.

You will need to choose the right size pump for your penis size to get the best results from the bathmate hydromax pumps.

Bathmate also do a lot of great extras that you can buy as an addition to your pump.

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