black-ant-king-pillsBlack Ant King male enhancement pills are a very popular choice of male enhancement pills I have recently researched and also got some Black Ant Pills shipped to me and tested them out only for a brief time. Are they as good as they claim or is it a pill thats no good?

About Black Ant King Pills

Black Ant King Pills are a male enhancement supplement that has been produced and sold to help guys that suffer from erectile dysfunction and boost sex drive. This pills is said help you to last longer during sexual intercourse. Actually they do help with these sexual problems. What I have found is that some of these Black Ant King pills seem to contain a hidden ingredient.

Black Ant Pill Ingredients What Is In Black Ant King Pills?

So I checked out the ingredients and there was no mention of any sildenafil in any of these supplements but there was an ingredients list which was as follows…

Polyrhachisvicina Roger – This ingredient is actually black ant extract. That’s right it actually comes from black Ants and to be fair it’s pretty good for you and has been used in ancient Chinese medicine for a very long time.

They believe that because the black Ant is so strong when you eat the Black ant some of that strength will be transferred to you.

Ginseng – This Ingredient is a popular male enhancement ingredient that is widely used in male enhancement supplements. I know this ingredient very well and have tried many supplements that include this ingredient and it works very well for male enhancement.

Medlar – This ingredient is a fruit that is said to grow during the winter seasons. It contains plenty of antioxidants and is said to be great for your immune system. This fruit is said to also be sexual performance boosting ingredient when concentrated.

Hippocampi – This Ingredient is extracted from the Sea Horse and is said to help with your mental health and reduce fatigue to possibly help with psychological sexual problems.

Secret Blend Of Minerals And Amino Acids – I guess this is where they throw in the unregulated ingredients which can be potentially harmful because it is not measured or regulated. I’m not too sure what else is in this secret blend.

So that’s the ingredients that are in black ant pills they actually sound like they would be a pretty good male enhancement pill without the hidden ingredients.

Black Ant Pill Dosage Instructions

black-ant-king-dosage-instructionsSo it says on the back of the packet to take 1 capsule about 30 minutes before sex and not to take another for 24 hours sounds similar to the instructions of Viagra doesn’t it? Maybe they had the idea of hidden sildenafil in mind from the offset from producing this pill.

Black Ant King FDA Warnings

Ok guys so Black Ant King pills have got a Food and drug administration FDA warning against them. The FDA say these pills are not safe for consumption. These pills are dangerous to consume especially for men who take nitrates for blood pressure issues or men that suffer from diabetes.

They say that this hidden ingredient sildenafil is not regulated which means there is a different amount in every pill. This could be harmful to the user in extreme circumstances. This drug is also banned in certain countries. Sildenafil is illegal in countries where you have to have viagra on a prescription. Even if you do buy these pills they may get seized by customs.

Black Ant King Pills Side Effects

So this is a bit of a difficult one to answer if you get the pills without the sildenafil then you probably won’t get any side effects. With the added sildenafil they obviously do give you side effects such as blurred vision and a very bad headache. There are many other side effects for sildenafil and it has been known to be fatal in extreme circumstances.

Black Ant King Conclusion

Ok guy’s so you may have already guessed but this is a male enhancement pill that I can confirm I will not be giving the thumbs up. Black Ant King could be potentially harmful so its a no from me I’m afraid.

I took this male enhancement pill twice and then realised something wasn’t right with it.

I got a splitting headache and a burning hot face it was not nice and this is not what we are looking for my goal is to find the best male enhancement supplements that work that don’t put your health at risk.

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