What Is Cordyceps

cordyceps-sexual-gainsCordyceps is actually a type or fungi that’s real name is Cordyceps Sinensis Its name has came from Greek terminology actually translating to “club head” because the way cordyceps looks when it grows. There are over 400 different species of Cordyceps, but this particular species is found mostly in parts of Asia including Nepal, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan and Japan it is said to be found in rainforest type area’s with very hot humid environment’s. Cordyceps sinuses was actually re named ophiocordyceps sinensis due to it being found to not have the same strain of DNA to a lot of the other type’s of cordyceps. Cordyceps is very good choice for use in male enhancement products, even alone this is a great ingredient to increase libido, fertility, acts as a powerful aphrodisiac and also helps fight erectile dysfunction. Cordyceps is very small in size but just because its very small do not underestimate it, its very strong and only needed in small amounts for great benefits.

Cordyceps For Male Enhancement

Why is Cordyceps a good choice for male enhancement? Cordyceps is a very strong aphrodisiac, boost’s testosterone levels in your body but the main reason cordyceps is used in male enhancement pills is because it increases blood flow to your penis so helps with ED. Cordyceps also increases the thickness and growth of your penis because of the extra blood flow the result is a thicker and bigger penis which most men would agree is something that they would look for when looking for a sex pill that increases penis size, unfortunately this only works while you are taking it, it is not a permanent gain when you stop taking it your penis will go back to its original size. If you are looking for permanent penis gains check out my penis extenders and penis pumps pages.

Cordyceps also increases energy levels and stamina and reduces fatigue. So I think you can all agree its an excellent choice for a powerful ingredient in male enhancement pills.

Other Health Benefits For Cordyceps

Cordyceps also is known to strengthen your immune system to help your body fight against the common cold and flu like symptoms. The health benefits of cordyceps are truly great helping to reduce the ageing process, Improve your energy levels and oxygenation in your blood stream.

Cordyceps is also used to treat respiratory problems such as cough’s, bronchitis, Kidney disorders and liver problems, anaemia, dizziness, heart problems such as an irregular heart beat and has also been given to people that are addicted to opiates and has positive effects in helping them recover and lets not forget it is used to treat a large number of sexual problems.

Side Effect’s Of Cordyceps

Cordyceps has been proven to not have any negative side effects on people that ingest the ingredient. But because Cordyceps can be taken by men and women it is not advised to be taken by women if they are pregnant because it increases blood flow so much that there is an added risk, also if you suffer with any type of bleeding disorder this increased blood flow is obviously not a good idea so would not advise taking cordyceps, it is not advised to take cordyceps if you are due to have surgery of any kind.

Other than that it is completely safe to be taken but obviously if your are taking this ingredient in a male enhancement supplement then I would always advise sticking to the guided dosages as some of the ingredients in these enhancement pills are very potent and strong.

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max-performerAs you may have already seen on my website my top rated male enhancement pill is called Max Performer and in my opinion is one of the best natural male enhancement supplement’s on the market today. It includes very high concentrates of cordyceps in the ingredient’s and it does increase your penis thickness and size even when flaccid its pretty impressive.

If you want to try Max Performer you can do so risk free because the company says that if you are not happy with the product you can get 100% all of your money back this is how confident the company is that their product works.

I have tried and tested quite a few different brands of these types of natural supplement’s and this so far has been the best one that I have tried and tested I also will continue to take this myself unless I’m testing another product or find a better alternative.

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Cordyceps Is brilliant for male enhancement products also it has many other added health benefits and also there are no added side effects, or risks. Cordyceps increases blood flow to your penis helping to increase thickness and size of your penis also helping boost libido I certainly don’t have any problem’s with that. So in my opinion its a great option that you should not be worried to ingest actually quite the opposite it will make you healthier taking cordyceps.