damiana-bannerWhat Is Damiana?

Damiana is a herb that comes from the Damiana plant the real name for the species of plant is the Turnera Diffusa This plant grows in part’s of Mexico and also certain parts of Asia. It was first used in a Traditional Mexican Liqueur known as the Damiana Margarita sound’s tasty right?

Damiana is known as a powerful aphrodisiac but it also has many other health benefits, damiana also increases fertility. Damiana is very well known for being used in male enhancement product’s and for a very good reason. Damiana is also a very popular ingredient to be used in fitness supplements especially testosterone boosters.

Damiana’s Added Health Benefits

Damiana has been used to treat a massive variety of different disorders over the years and is actually used in medicine for breathing disorders such as asthma but it’s also used for people that suffer from headache’s, fight’s depression and can help people with a nervous stomach and of course it is used most often for libido, sexual stamina and energy and Damiana is a strong aphrodisiac.

Damiana Male Enhancement

Damiana is a great herb for male enhancement and is really common to be used in male enhancement tablets. Damiana boosts testosterone levels and this is why Damiana is great for male fertility reasons, it increases testosterone levels in your body which in turn increases your sperm levels and helps with a better reproductive male enhancement for increased fertility.

Damiana mimics estrogen inside of your body allowing your estrogen levels to drop and your testosterone levels to increase, this is the reason Damiana is so effective for male enhancement.

Also, Damiana is a powerful aphrodisiac increasing your want and desire for sex actually increasing your sexual pleasure as well. Damiana has also been known to lower stress levels and increases serotonin to make you feel good about yourself and allowing you to think with more clarity.

Damiana Side Effects

Damiana If taken in small dosages it will be completely safe to consume and will not give you any side effect’s, however, if it is taken in very large amounts it can cause side effects such as convulsions and cold sweats but this would have to be a considerably huge amount to get these side effects.

Also, it is not a good idea for a diabetic to consume damiana because it can lower sugar levels and is known as a hyperglycemic herb that interacts with drugs given to diabetics to maintain blood sugar levels. Also, this is not a good herb for pregnant women and should not be consumed if you are pregnant. If you are fit and healthy there should be no reason what so ever that you cant use this herb.

Damiana Dosage Instructions

Damiana dosage as I already went over it is important not to take very large dosages of damiana because it can lead to other problems, between 10 – 15 grams of dried damiana leaf is said to be a completely safe amount of damiana to take in a day you can take 5 grams three times per day with no risk of any side effects.

If you are using two different male enhancement supplements at any one time then be sure to check both do not include high levels of damiana because you may get close to high dosages, obviously if you are taking a male enhancement supplement that includes damiana then I would always advise sticking to the recommended dosages and guidelines of the said supplement.

Conclusion Is Damiana a Good Choice For Male Enhancement?

So I can safely say that as long as you are not diabetic and you don’t take too much damiana then this is a great herb for male enhancement and also a very effective testosterone booster it will help you stay aroused increase your fertility which will, in turn, increase the intensity of


your orgasms as well as relieving anxiety depression and help you stay calm and relaxed, all in all, a brilliant choice for male enhancement.

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