Reasons Why Your Erections Can Slow Down

There are many men these days that do, or eventually will suffer from ed at some point in their life.

Erectile dysfunction is quickly becoming a big problem especially in older men but also is becoming more common in younger men as well.

This problem is because not all guys are looking after their bodies very well.

The way you eat and the way you exercise will play a massive role in helping you get better erections not only that but you will also feel better in your self.

If you are worried about your erections slowing down it is always best to seek professional medical advice from a doctor or medical professional.

If you feel that you are ok and you just want natural ways to speed up your erections here are some great ways…

There Are Many Ways To Speed up Erections

There are many ways in which you can increase your erections and speed up erections fast.

One of the most popular and effective quick fixes are male enhancement pills or use certain pumps and extenders to help speed up your erections and improve your sex life.

The best most natural ways that we are going to help you with today are to look after your body, eat well, exercise regularly and take care of your self.

These natural ways are hugely important for men of all ages.

We are going to help you with some great ways you can get erect fast naturally without the need for medication!

#1 Keep Fit


This is 100% the most important and is the stem of the biggest reason for erectile dysfunction in men of all ages. It is important that your body is always as fit and healthy as possible.

If your not looking after your body’s health, and never do any exercise you are at risk from your arteries blocking up and restricting blood flow.

Being unhealthy will also restrict blood flow to your penis which will slow your erections down.

You will find it easier to get an erection fast if you have done some kind of exercise that day because it stimulates your body and gets the blood pumping faster and your arteries dilated.

This will help with a faster erection when you need it the most.

I’m not saying you have to do a marathon a day but just any sort of exercise to get you a little hot and sweaty to get your blood pumping a bit quicker.

Whether that may be just some press ups at home some pull-ups or I find I have to go to the gym to work out, if I don’t go to the gym I find it very easy to just not bother doing any regular exercise.

So find something that works for you and fits into your lifestyle this will have the biggest impact on you getting erections faster.

#2 Try To Eat Healthily


Eating healthy is another biggie that plays a massive role in your overall health.

After all you are what you eat!

I’m not saying you cant eat the odd unhealthy meal or have your favourite treat now and again but to have a stable diet.

Trying to make your own food without the additives and processed foods that we all eat these days will give you the edge to getting faster erections when you need them.

Natural foods are great for a faster, stronger, and harder erection.

A lot of our diets are full of cholesterol which will eventually block arteries.

This can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction.

This will mean you will not ever be able to gain or keep an erection or even worse it could lead to other promlem’s such as heart attacks.

Eating healthy foods is a great way to get erections quicker there are even a lot of foods that are known for their erection boosting quality foods.

Some of these foods are red berries, fish or protein rich foods such as red meat, bananas are a brilliant one, lemons and other citrus fruits, Pomegranate, chillies or cayenne pepper, watermelon or even a glass of red wine and plenty of water so you do not get dehydrated.

These are all foods and drinks that will speed up your erections even some of these are concentrated and put into male enhancement supplements.

The top tip here is to eat plenty of fruit and veg with your meals, try to make your own meals from fresh and try to stay away from processed foods and foods with many additives.

Processed foods and additives are not great for your body to function properly really.

The bottom line is think about what you are putting into your foods look at the ingredients and work out if they are good for your health.

#3 Try Foreplay For Longer and Try To Mix It Up

Foreplay and prolonging sex as long as you can gives you a massive build up and more desire for sex.

This is for both you and your partner – don’t just go straight in for sex, try and use foreplay as a warm up to get both of you really aroused giving you an erection quicker and for longer.

Sexual desire builds up when you have foreplay and if you try it for as long as you can by the time you do have sex your partner be gagging for it, this is a massive turn on.

You also may want to try different types of foreplay so you don’t get bored.

Most of a mans sexual stimulation comes from your mind, if you are doing the same thing all of the time you are not going to get turned on as much and this will have an effect of slower erections.

Kiss your partner whisper into their ear and touch them in places that turn them on.

kiss their neck and behind their ears, touch them high up on their thighs, run your hand across their nipples all the way down to their pelvis a woman’s nipples are highly sensitive to touch be gentle unless they want you to be rough.

Above and below a females belly is another sensitive place to touch.

Another great one is to put pressure on areas around your partner’s vagina region not hard just a gentle pressure get close but don’t rush this it will eventually turn both you and your partner on getting your partner wet and get you your erection fast.

No Fap Try not to master-bate too much because this can have a negative effect on getting an erection when you want to have sex and you will only be able to get an erection when you watch porn.

#4 Try Different Sex Positions


For a quicker erection don’t just have sex in the same position all of the time.

Try all sorts of different positions if you do this you will find that these different positions especially the ones that you liked the most will stick in your mind and make you feel more turned on.

Even when you are not having sex this is a healthy way to stimulate your mind and body and help your erections come quicker when you do want to have sex.

#5 Talk With Your Partner About Sex Feel Comfortable About It

It may sound strange but talking with your partner about sex is a great way to help you both feel more comfortable about sex.

The more relaxed you are about sex the easier it will be to perform and get that quick erection that you have been looking for!

Talk to your partner about what they like after all everyone is different and different people like completely different sex and different things turn different people on.

Tell your partner what turns you on the most try not to be crude about it, ask them what their favourite sex positions are and tell them what positions you like the most.

These are all great ways to have a healthy and stable sex life which in turn leads to a healthy and stable relationship and faster erections.

#6 Think about Sex When You’re Not Having Sex Fantasise About Sex

This one is great and will be a sure way to get an erection quickly.

Think about sex while you are not having sex think back to a time when you really enjoyed having sex with your partner.

Imagine that time allowing your mind to be stimulated this will make you more prepared for sex and prolong the time in-between having sex with your partner.

This will help to make it really count when you and your partner do have sex this technique will also allow you to have better orgasms because the wait is something that we don’t want but makes it more memorable when the wait is over.

This technique can also not be so great for guys that suffer from premature ejaculation because the wait and thinking about sex a lot can mean its all over very quickly because you can be too turned on.

#7 Erogenous Zones For You and Your Partner

Because seeing your partner really turned on is a real turn on for you as well know yours and your partner’s erogenous zones ask your partner to touch you erogenous zones this will help you get a strong hard on and fast.

A Mans Erogenous zones That will help turn him on

  1. Lips

Obviously kissing will turn a guy on and it will convert passion into strong, fast erections.

2. Ears
A guy’s ears are an erogenous zone and not just to touch but to hearing that he is doing it right tell him he’s doing a great job at turning you on and it will, in turn, turn him on as well.

3. Neck
The Neck is sensitive to touch because it is a place that is full of nerve endings some men love their neck being touched by their partner to help get them hard quickly.

4. Hands
gently running your nails across a guy’s hands some guys also love their fingers to be sucked in a sexual way this will also get him thinking sexual thoughts which will get him hard.

5. Nipples that’s right like women love their nipples to be touched some men actually love it just as much another great way to help a guy get hard.

6. Back of the Knees
Most places where no hair grows on a guy is sensitive to touch this is a great zone to get those erections rock hard.

7. Inner Thighs
A mans inner thighs is a very good erogenous zone if you squeeze high up as close to the penis as possible it will trap blood in the groin area and will result in that extra blood going straight into the penis.

8. Sacrum
This is the small triangle at the bottom of a mans back just before the butt crack you can get your partner to run their fingers across it its another brilliant hot spot for faster erections.

9. The Penis
This is obviously quite an obvious one and is actually a mans most sensitive erogenous zone a man’s penis is extremely sensitive to friction touch heat and sucking.

10. The G-Spot
Yes that’s right men have a G-spot just like women do which is actually behind the testicles unfortunately there is only one way to reach this g-spot and that is through a mans anal passage.

Most men wouldn’t like this but some do and if that’s ok with you this is a very sure way to turn a guy on for a speedy erection.

#8 Watch Erotic Films Or Read Erotic Books With Your Partner

This is a great tip for both you and your partner.

Look what happened when 50 shades of grey was first released women suddenly had a new found sexual fantasies this tip really works and will help you both get turned on.

Although most of these books and films are aimed at a woman audience this way will get you both on the same page and wanting the same thing. My advice is the more sex scenes the better.

#9 Try To Wear Loose underwear


Right so this is another thing that you should be conscious of and that is if you wear tight pants or very tight underwear its restricting blood flow and restricting penis movement.

So a great erection tip is to try to wear underwear that isn’t too tight and restrictive to allow your penis to be loose and free this will help for better blood circulation and a fast erection when you require one.

#10 Do Things With Your Partner, Naked

naked-with-partnerThis may sound a little strange and is probably best when you don’t have any guests at your house and it is just you and your partner alone.

Being naked around your partner and feeling comfortable around them when you are naked is a massive confidence booster.

This will allow you to feel completely comfortable around them and make it easier to gain an erection quickly.

Feeling nervous around your sexual partner is the biggest psychological causes of erectile dysfunction it is more common in younger men.

#11 Use A Penis Pump To Get An Erection Fast An Naturally

Use a penis pump regularly. This is a great natural way to get an erection faster and naturally.

The two penis pumps I found were the most effective are called hydropumps this is because you use them in water.

These devices not only improve erections but they also enlarge your penis and can also decrease premature ejaculation.

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