Welcome to my male edge review male edge is a penis extender that is a popular choice for increasing penis size naturally and it does that very well In this review I’m going to try and be as detailed and thorough as possible to let you know everything that you would need to know about the male edge penis extender.male-edge-extender

Male Edge Introduction

Male Edge is a well thought out and actually, the most comfortable penis extender that I have ever used there is a choice of three different types of Male Edge extender and they are the male edge basic, the male edge extra, and the male edge pro. Male Edge has been selling online since 2008 and is a medically proven doctor endorsed penis extender. The best thing about Male Edge Is that it is a lot cheaper than a lot of the other extenders and also it is quite a lot more comfortable than the metal penis extenders because it has a bit of flexibility. Although Male Edge is a cheaper option it is still a high-quality penis traction device.

The Male Edge extender is only available from the – Official Male Edge Website

Why Use A Penis Extender?

So, guys, there are many reasons why you might want to use a penis extender other than the most obvious it will make your penis bigger it can also be used to help guys with a curved penis or even help guys get a better erection. The Male Edge penis extender is the successor of the older Jes Extender penis extender which was released in 1996 this was the first ever penis extender to hit the market and is actually still sold to this day and still works well. This extender is best for guys that are not happy with their penis size and want to solve this problem without any drastic measures such as surgery which can be quite risky, expensive and very invasive.

How Does The Male Edge Extender Work?

The Male Edge Extender works by gently stretching your penis this stretching pressure applied is something called traction this gentle stretch over a period of time actually extends the length and girth of your penis the best thing about this is once you have put in the work and got the results that you are looking for it will last forever, that’s right the gains that you get with Male Edge extender are permanent and you will not lose them and if you are willing to put in the time you will get some seriously good results with this penis traction device.

How Do I Use Male Edge?


Ok, so this is an important thing to look at when buying a penis extender because some of the extenders that I have used are quite difficult to set up and also difficult to adjust which you will have to keep doing to keep up with the gains.

  1. First of all, you will probably want to measure your penis so you can keep a check on how your results are going.
  2. Then after that, you are going to need to adjust the extender to the length of your penis. Compared to all of the other extenders that I have used this is by far the easiest to adjust.
  3. Then you have to put your penis through the hole to mount it onto your penis then find the right strap for you, comfort is very important with an extender because to get good results you are going to have to wear this for roughly 4-6 hours a day 5 days a week and it does take some getting used to.
  4. Now once it is comfortably mounted as the picture shows, now it’s time to adjust the traction to give a gentle stretch on your penis don’t think that if you can put it tighter you will get better results the key with this extender is patients and time you will start to see results after roughly a week or so.
  5. After the 4 to 6 hours remove the device from your penis and enjoy your new bigger penis.

It is very important to take at least one day a week off a week to let your penis rest and you will also get better results with a rest day another thing is that you do need to try and stick to the recommended time to wear this device is 4-6 hours a day to get the optimum results.

The Male Edge Penis extender is made for every size penis if it’s below 5 inches you turn the base around and if it’s over 5 then you turn it the other way.

Male Edge Results

So I used the Male Edge Extender for around 3 months 5 days a week for about 5 hours a day and the results were brilliant this extender is so much more comfortable than all of the others that I have used which was a massive plus for me.

After I used this Extender for around a week and a half I started to notice that my penis was looking bigger even when flaccid and from this point on the results just keep getting better and you do get really used to wearing this traction device for long periods but at first it does feel a bit odd but every extender feels this way.

You do have to keep using this extender for good results you cant just use it once and expect everything to be different after you remove it it’s all about persistence. If you use this extender as described you will get brilliant results just like I did. I would love to show you but to be honest I’m not to keen on the idea of putting pictures on the internet of my penis so you will have to see for yourself after you –

Order your own Male Edge Extender.

Male Edge Pros and Advantages

  • Male Edge Is the most comfortable and lightest extender that I have used before the comfort of a good extender is very important.
  • The Results that you get with Male Edge are permanent they will last after you have put in the time and effort.
  • This Penis Extender is the easiest traction device that I have used for ease of adjusting the traction and adjusting the length to fit the individual user.
  • Do you have a curved penis? Male Edge will straighten out a curved penis.

Male Edge Cons and Disadvantages

  • Male Edge is made out of a strong plastic but it is still never going to be as strong as the metal extenders that are on the market.
  • All penis extenders are slightly uncomfortable and feel slightly odd when you start using them but you will get used to it.

What Male Edge Extender Package Should I Choose?


So most people want to know what extender package to go for when buying Male Edge and the truth is there is a choice of three the Male Edge Basic, the Male Edge Extra and the Male Edge Pro, to be honest, the price difference isn’t very much difference so I would go for the Male Edge Pro but its down to personal preference. Also with the Pro, you get a bit more of a comfort package which is very useful when using an extender.

Additionally, you can get all the replacement comfort straps and extras from the Male Edge Official Website if you did get the Basic and then wanted a few extras to upgrade your traction device. Here is a picture of all the available parts and extras…


Price list And Shipping Details


So all of the Male Edge orders are discreet and you will receive and product that you order from the Male Edge website will be in plain packaging so no one will know what you have ordered also the order process is completely discreet as all male enhancement products should be so you should have nothing to worry about when you order one of these extenders.

So the Basic will cost you $129

The Extra will cost you $174.99

The Pro will cost you $199

Male Edge Official Website

So Male Edge is available from the Official Website or they are sometimes prescribed by doctors for certain problems I must say to just be sure that you are on the official website because there are fake and knock off extenders out there that don’t work and could be unsafe to use so just be careful to go to the right place this is what the official website looks like use the links on my page or if you don’t just be sure to go to www.maleedge.com 


Male Edge Conclusion Overview

So guys its what you have all been waiting for is the Male Edge Penis extender worth using and the answer from me here at everydayerections.com is a big yes I actually found it better to use than the metal alternatives because I found it to be so lightweight and a lot more comfortable to wear. So overall the Male Edge extender is a great buy and if you try it you will not be disappointed.

Buy The Male Edge Extender From The Official Website

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