Arginine-to-help-edWhat Is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is an amino acid known as a semi-essential amino acid most people have L-Arginine in their body, healthy people have L-Arginine in their body already it comes from the foods that we eat, anything that includes protein will include L-Arginine. L-Arginine was first discovered in pumpkin seeds by a German Chemist called Ernst Schulze in 1886. L-Arginine Increases nitric oxide levels and also is said to increase your growth hormone and also used to increase athlete  and this is the reason L-Arginine Is a very common Ingredient that is used in so many male enhancement pills it’s actually used in so many that it can be difficult to find male enhancement pills that don’t list L-Arginine in its ingredients.

L-Arginine Male Enhancement

how-L-arginine-worksSo L-Arginine is a very common choice for male enhancement but why? L-Arginine is known to be a natural Pde5 Inhibitor that increases nitric oxide levels and boosts energy levels but alone to be quite honest I’ve not had great results from it but mixed with other aphrodisiac ingredients it seems to work better. The reason why this is such a popular amino acid for male enhancement is because L-Arginine is the amino acid that your body uses to produce nitric oxide and the higher your nitric oxide levels the better your blood flow will be and the more relaxed your muscles will be and this is why it is a commonly used enhancement supplement ingredient used to treat men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Reasons Not To Use L-Arginine

why-arginine-can-be-a-health-riskOk so although for some people L-Arginine might be a great choice for male enhancement for other people it can be the complete opposite some people actually can be allergic to it and it can have some pretty bad side effects this is rare but it can happen so just be aware of that if you are thinking of trying any supplement that includes this in the ingredients. the kinds of side effects that you can get from L-Arginine are,

  • Nausea or Sickness
  • Bloated Stomach or Pains
  • Diarrhea
  • In severe cases Inflammation or swelling of airways (especially in Asthmatics.)
  • People that take certain meds should not take L-Arginine
  • People that Have Herpes Should not take L-Arginine
  • People that are due to have any type of surgery or suffer from any kind of bleeding problems should not take Arginine.

If you take L-Arginine and experience any of these side effects I would stop taking this immediately and seek medical advice from a doctor or medical professional.

The Medications for blood pressure issues or nitrates are the medications that you should not take L-Arginine with its a very bad idea that could have even worse consequences for your health and wellbeing.

It has actually been proven that people with herpes actually should definitely not take L-Arginine because it has been proven to multiply the herpes virus and can actually help herpes to grow.

If any of these reasons effect you or you just don’t want to risk taking a male enhancement pill that includes L-Arginine don’t worry there are many other options that work just as well or even better and don’t include it in the ingredients.

Male Enhancement Pills Without L-Arginine

So although a lot of male enhancement pills include L-arginine in their ingredients I have found some brilliant choices that do not have any L-Arginine In the Ingredients at all depending on what kind of male enhancement you are looking for I will give you an explanation of what they aim to enhance when taken.

Max Performer For Male Enhancement Without L-Arginine

water-max-performerMax Performer is a male enhancement supplement that is aimed at improving erection quality giving the user bigger harder stronger and longer lasting erections but this supplement actually increases energy levels gives you stronger orgasms as well as helps with premature ejaculation it is actually the best male enhancement pill that I have ever tried the results that I got from taking Max Performer was incredible and also Max Performer doesn’t contain any L-Arginine for full ingredients list you can visit the official Max Performer website or you can go to my Max Performer review. 

Volume Pills For Male Enhancement Without Arginine

volume-pills-box-and-pillsVolume Pills are a fertility booster male enhancement pill volume pills are my no 1 supplement for boosting semen volume and give the user explosive powerful orgasms the manufacturer says that they can boost your semen volume up to 5x the normal amount obviously the perfect supplement if your trying for a baby or if you just want to finish like a pornstar with pretty intense ejaculations that seem to last a long time. Obviously, Volume Pills also do not contain any L-Arginine for the full list of ingredients for volume pills check out the Volume Pills Official Website or if you want to find out more about Volume Pills you can check out my Volume Pills Review.