What Is Yohimbe and How Does It Work?

Yohimbine or also known as Yohimbe is an Ingredient that is commonly used in male enhancement supplements. It is a very popular and effective ingredient to fight against erectile dysfunction. Also, it can act as a fat burning supplement. It comes from the bark of the yohimbine tree normally found in western Africa. When taking Yohimbe it opens up your arteries and increases blood flow to your extremities including your hands, feet and in men the penis. Yohimbe can be used for a variety of different things but the main things it is used for is;

  1. In fitness supplements as a fat burner;
  2. Used to treat erectile dysfunction;
  3. as an aphrodisiac.

Risks Of Using Yohimbe

There are many risks when using Yohimbe and for main health reasons, I would steer clear of products that use this. In them some of the side effects are;

  • Blurred vision;
  • Nausea and sickness;
  • Can cause very high blood pressure;
  • Severe headaches;
  • Can lead to liver and/or kidney failure;
  • Can give you a very high heart rate and make you feel anxious;
  • Very bad for diabetics;
  • Hallucinations;
  • Can cause insomnia;
  • Can give you the shakes or tremors;
  • Yohimbe can actually give you even more severe side effects when taken alongside prescription drugs.

So there you go, to be honest when I was looking for male enhancement pills that work I wasn’t looking for ones that will make you feel these symptoms, I was just looking for a product that gave me better, bigger and harder erections. Without side effects.

Why My Top Supplement’s Don’t Include Yohimbe

My-top-3-sex-pills-for-men-dont-contain-yohimbeAs you may have noticed my top 3 sex pills for men are products that are Yohimbe free male enhancement pills and do not include Yohimbe in the ingredients, and maybe you have heard that male enhancement supplement’s with Yohimbe in work very well when trying to cure ED. Don’t get me wrong male enhancement supplements that include Yohimbe in the ingredients are very effective when it comes to treating erectile dysfunction.

But the main reason that I have not included these male enhancement supplements in my top three sex pills for men is pure because, when you take supplements that include Yohimbe you do run the risk of getting side effects from this herb. although its very strong and works well, the side effects can be awful such as blurred vision, headaches, nausea, dizziness and in some people even hallucinations. When I started searching for natural sex pills for men my main goal was to look for a male enhancement supplement’s that do not give you side effects but are still just as effective or, even more effective.

If you are looking for a brand of male enhancement that does not include Yohimbe but is still very effective in treating ED check out my top rated supplement, it’s called Max Performer. You can check out my full review and my own personal results, I can guarantee that you will not be dissatisfied.

Sex Pills That Don’t Include Yohimbe

Max Performer Does Not Contain Yohimbe

max-performer-doesnt-include-yohimbeSo with all that being said here are some products for you guys that are just as effective and do not include any Yohimbe in their ingredients. If you are looking directly for a product that will help with erectile dysfunction then this supplement has to be the one to look out for. It has been by far the best overall male enhancement supplement that I have found so far with absolutely no risk of side effects. If you have never tried male enhancement supplements before then this is a real game changer. Have a read of my Max Performer Full review. If you have any concerns or questions for me then go to the contact page and you can send me a message there. If you want to Read More About Max Performer Click Here.

Male Extra Does Not Contain Yohimbe

male-extra-does-not-contain-yohimbeThis is another product that is good for erections, its just as good as the previous supplement and its still a very popular male enhancement product that works very well I have tried and tested this supplement and know from my own results and research that is good for better, harder more powerful erections. This also does not contain Yohimbe and does not give you any nasty side effects. This male enhancement pill is aimed at increasing erection quality giving you guy’s bigger harder and stronger erections also increases stamina and athletic performance and increases orgasm intensity this is one of the best male enhancement supplements only available from the official Male Extra website.

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