Hello and welcome to my Male Extra Review.

As you may know I have been using different types of male enhancement pills for a long time Male Extra was one of these pills and today i’m going to explain to you why I think this pill is so great.

Did you know that there are a higher percentage of guys that have said they have better sexual satisfaction using Male Extra than users of viagra.

Viagra satisfaction rate is around 30% of users and with Male Extra its closer to 80% of users being sexually satisfied thats a huge difference!

A Little Bit About Male Extra, And What It Is

This supplement is one of the top brands of male enhancement pills available OTC today.

This sex pill is aimed at improving sexual stamina and gives the user stronger erections.

The company says that this male enhancement pill has been developed to…

  •  Improve erection quality giving you bigger, harder, better erections
  • Increase men’s sexual performance and stamina
  • Give a guy a bigger better orgasm
  • The developers also say while using this supplement it will increase the size and thickness of your penis.

If this is the kind of sexual gains you are looking for I can tell you that Male Extra does do everything that the company claims.

Although this male enhancement pill starts to work in around 2 days of taking it.

For the best results you are going to want to take it for around 11 weeks.

The results for me personally were the best after taking this pill for around the 11-15 week of taking it.


These male enhancement pills are produced and sold by a company called Wolfsonburg Limited.

The company has been producing and selling Male Extra since 2009.

This is only available online from the Official Male Extra Website. 

I have heard that this is the new improved formula of this pill.

Unfortunately, I didn’t try the old formula so I am unable to let you know how much better the new formula is.

This Male Extra review is about the new improved formula.

The new improved formula is a great male enhancement pill.

This pill is for guy’s that suffer from erectile dysfunction or guys that just want to improve their sex lives.

Male Extra Video Review

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Male Extra For Erectile Dysfunction

This pill has undergone clinical studies and has been proven to work for improving erection quality.

I can say that if you suffer from erectile dysfunction the improved blood flow will help any guy that struggles gaining and keeping a solid erection.

This pill is one of the best pills on the market at the moment that gives you no side effects while improving erections.

You can order it right now you will not even need a prescription.

Ingredients What Is In This Pill?

Ok so if you know me I am pretty careful about checking the ingredients of a male enhancement pill.

Before I will take any pill I will find out if its safe to consume.

I have researched the ingredients that Male Extra Pills include.

I have also looked into how each ingredient individually work with your body when taken.

Here is a list of the natural side effect free ingredients.

Also there is a brief explanation of why they are included in this pill and what each ingredient is for…

Pomegranate Extract


Pomegranate is known as a natural erection food.

Just eating the fruit its self is a great way to increase erection quality.

The extract used in these pills are concentrated and an even better way to promote blood flow and improve erection quality.

Pomegranate is also full of healthy antioxidants that are great for a healthy lifestyle.

So a natural brilliant ingredient that is very popular in male enhancement supplements.

Pomegranate is very well known for improving blood flow and also increases stamina.


L-Arginine is found in foods that include protein such as fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products.

L-Arginine is known as an amino acid that improves heart functions and dilates arteries.

This ingredient is also well known as an ingredient that improves athletic performance.

L-Arginine is used to treat heart conditions and people with blocked arteries as well.

So another amazing ingredient for improving blood flow.

this ingredient is excellent for treating guy’s that suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Some people can be allergic to L-arginine.

Normally if you are allergic you would already know about it.



MSM is an ingredient that is of interest for many health supplements.

A very well known great ingredient for male enhancement.

This ingredient has been of interest for male enhancement and has undergone clinical studies and been FDA approved supplement ingredient.

MSM increases energy levels and stamina and also relaxes penile tissue.

MSM will help blood to flow into the chambers in your penis to allow you to gain and keep an erection.

To read more about MSM check out MSM for male enhancement page.

 Cordyceps – Sinesis


Cordyceps is probably one of the most used male enhancement ingredients.

This is because it increases blood flow and thickness of a man’s penis.

This ingredient is used in most male enhancement pills because of this reason.

Unfortunately cordyceps only increases thickness of your penis while you are taking it.

When you stop taking cordyceps the effects do gradually wear off.

Even so a great ingredient that will give you great results.



Zinc is a mineral that helps to boost testosterone levels.

Zinc helps with your immune system and increases semen production.

Supplementing with zinc also increases sex drive due to higher testosterone levels.

This mineral is great in small dosages but it’s not so great if you take too much.

I always advise sticking to the guided dosages of any given supplement.

Zinc also helps keep your heart healthy and strong.

Zinc is brilliant for other nutrient absorption helping the other ingredients work quicker.



Niacin is known as a vitamin called vitaminB3 it is found in chicken, fish, and whole grain.

Niacin reduces cholesterol which is actually one of the biggest causes of erectile dysfunction.

This vitamin also improves erectile dysfunction in men.

Taking niacin will let your body recover quicker from muscle fatigue and helps muscles to recover quickly and effectively.

A daily dose of Niacin has been proven to help reduce ED in men.

Ingredients Conclusion

These are not all of the included ingredients but these are the main active ingredients.

As you can see it is a great selection of ingredients.

Most of these ingredients have been proven to work for male enhancement in one way or another.

So if you put all of these great ingredients together and you have a very powerful potent male enhancement pill.

Side Effects Is Male Extra Safe?

So as you can see from the ingredients that I have listed above they are all good for your body.

These male enhancement pills will not cause you any harm.

Even if you take this supplement over a long period of time there is no risk of side effects.

So Male extra is a great supplement to improve sex and stamina without side effects.

Male Extra is side effect free we love that here at everyday erections its exactly what we look for, a pill that works well without side effects.

Is This Pill FDA Approved

Thats right this male enhancement pill has been FDA approved.

This male enhancement pill has been tested by the FDA.

It has been proven to only include the safe and natural ingredients that Wolfsonburg LTD have clearly printed on the label.

This also means that they are not making any false claims about their supplement and it does work how they say it does.

You can easily check if any supplement has been deemed unsafe to use by going to WWW.FDA.GOV.

If you are unsure about any supplement then I would recommend checking if it has an FDA warning against the product.

Dosage Instructions And Guide

So the dosage instructions are clearly marked on the bottle.

It says to take 3 capsules a day.

I personally take my supplements in the morning with my breakfast so I don’t forget to take them.

If you miss days the results will not be as good.

If you are taking it daily I would advise to sticking to the guided dosages.

This is because some of the included ingredients are very potent and very strong.

Shipping Details and cost

Shipping with Male Extra is free of charge and available worldwide.

You will receive your order in plain packaging so no one will no what you have ordered.

The order will show up on your statement as “Wolfsonburg”.

The complete order process is discreet and perfect for a male enhancement pill.

I think discretion is greatly important with these types of products.

This supplement is only available from the official Male Extra website if you click the link below it will take you to the Best Place to BUY Male Extra and there you will find the best discounts available.


it is available in three different packages and these are…

1 Month supply – 1 bottle which cost $64.95

3 Month supply – 3 bottles which cost $197.95

6 Month supply – 6 Bottles which cost $249.90

Pros and Cons


This natural sex pill has a lot of very good quality proven ingredients that are very well known and also FDA approved.

Because it comes in gel capsules form it does start to work very quickly.

This sex pill is one of the quickest acting male enhancement supplements that you will find.

You will start to feel the results within just a couple of days of taking the supplement.

When you purchase any of the bigger packages you are covered by a 100% 60-day money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with the results that you get from these sex pills you can get all of your money back.

This is so you can try them completely risk-free.


Because they use gel capsules they are not suitable for vegetarians.

If you are vegetarian you would have to remove the capsules which may make taking this supplement a bit of a nightmare.

Because Male Extra is known as a premium male enhancement pill they are quite an expensive supplement.

If you want the best results with this pill you are going to have to take it daily for around three months.

You will start to feel it working after a few days of taking the supplement.

You will not peak until around the three-month mark.

Different people vary slightly but if you are looking for the best results you will have to put in the time and not forget to take them or the results won’t be as great.

Where Can I Buy Male Extra?


This supplement is only available from the Official Website which is in the picture above.

This website is the only place you can buy the official Male Extra supplement.

If you land on a different website you are in the wrong place buying a totally different supplement.

Be carful not to buy a knock-off product.

Believe me this does happen so just make sure you go to the right website or use the links provided on this page.

Conclusion How Good Is This Male Enhancement Pill

Ok so this is one of the best erection boosting and energy boosting male enhancement pills that I personally have ever used.

This sex pill works perfectly and also does everything that the manufacturer claims which is great.

There are so many companies out there that will exaggerate the results and throw out false claims to sell their product, Wolfsonburg limited is not one of them.

These male enhancement pills help with erections, boost stamina, and will increase your energy levels.

Male Extra pills also increase sexual pleasure and you will have more intense ejaculations.

All in all a great male enhancement pill that works very very well.

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Ok guys so I’ve added this section to my male extra review recently.

This is because now my site has been up and running for a while I’m getting some common questions about these types of pills.

I have added the info on this review to save you the time of having to message me and ask.

If you think I have missed anything or would like me to add anything then don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form on the contact page.

Is There A Way For Vegetarians To Take Male Extra?

This is a great question and the answer is, yes you can.

I have heard of vegetarians or vegans pouring the contents of the capsules into a glass of water.

You can mix it in and drink the drink every morning.

It’s not great tasting but this is your answer.

It is possible or you can just pour the contents of the pill straight into your mouth and wash down with a glass of water.

Find what ever way works better for you.

Can You Only Take This Pill If You Suffer From ED?

Obviously, Male Extra has been designed with guys that suffer from impotence in mind.

But the answer to this question is a simple no.

Even if you don’t suffer from erectile dysfunction this male enhancement pill will improve your sex lives to help you and your partner to enjoy sex to the fullest.

Are The Results That You Get From Taking This Pill Permanent Gains

This one is a question that I get asked time and time again about male enhancement pills.

The answer is a bit rubbish to be honest but its a big fat no there is no such magic pill!

There are no male enhancement pills that you can take including this one that will give you any sort of permanent sexual gains.

Unfortunately permanent gain pills do not exist and if someone tells you different they are lying.

There has never been and still isn’t any magic pill that you can take to permanently give results.

After you stop taking these types of pills the effects slowly wear off.

Fortunately, This sex pill for men is made up of natural ingredients and doesn’t give you any side effects so you can keep taking it without any problems.

How Do I Get My Money Back If I’m Not Happy With The Results

Ok so as I said earlier you get a 60-day money back guarantee on your purchases.

So what to do if your not happy with the results from this supplement?

You will have to go to the Official Male Extra Website you will have to message the guys at Wolfsonburg LTD.

You will find that they are very helpful and as long as you keep the empty bottles they will be more than happy to refund you no questions asked.

However, I highly doubt that you will be disappointed with this male enhancement supplement.

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If Male Extra Is Not What Your Looking For

There are many other techniques and ways to improve your erections. One of the best ways I have found is to use Penis Pumps regularly these will improve your erections and can help to increase penis size.


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