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About Max Performer

Welcome to my Max Performer Review.

In this review I’m going to be as detailed as possible.

I am going to explain in detail everything that I have learned from taking this supplement

Also everything about my research on this male enhancement pill.

This is a very strong and also very powerful male enhancement supplement that should not be underestimated.

This is the best male enhancement pill that you will find online today.

I have yet to find another that is better than this product this is by far the best male enhancement pill Of 2018!

It has been produced to Improve erection quality, libido, stamina and overall sexual pleasure.

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If you are serious about getting the best possible results this erection booster will give you a better outcome if taken for a period of at least 3- 4 months daily.

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max-performerIt has been developed and is sold by a company known as Silver Blade Nutrition.

Silver blade is based in London England.

This mens sex pill is the first and only supplement that they produce and sell.

You can easily see the care and thought that has gone into this supplement as soon as you receive it.

Just from looking at the design of the box that it come’s in and the strength of the carefully thought out ingredients.

This is the best supplement that I have ever tested so far with very strong concentrated ingredients.

Its made up of natural Ingredients with absolutely no risk of any side effect’s.

If you are a guy and you are looking  enhance your sex life or suffer from ED then this will be the best supplement to help you.

How Will It Benefit you?

This little blue pill Improves Erectile Function but it is not just made for that.

This supplement does a lot more than that, this male enhancement supplement actually aims help with a variety of sexual gains such as:

  1. Better bigger and harder erections that stay hard for longer
  2. A huge increase in Stamina
  3. Better control or last longer
  4. Boosted energy levels even in general everyday life
  5. Increased sex drive and want/desire 
  6. lifted testosterone levels

So you can see from this list that this company really have thought of everything when producing this product.

Overall the benefits of this male enhancement pill are a larger penis when erect.

Max Performer will also enhance your physical endurance.

It will help your body to naturally produce testosterone.

This pill is great if you like to work out as well it will help boost your energy levels and testosterone.

Boosting testosterone levels will help increase muscle size.

It will heighten the user’s sexual pleasure and help you experience explosive ejaculations.

These male enhancement supplements are a gateway to a new found ecstasy for men’s sexual health and performance!!

The Main Ingredients

  • Maca root extract – This ingredient is used as an aphrodisiac and also enhances libido. Maca also has some great health benefits. It comes from the roots of the maca plant and is extracted to be used in supplements.

  • Horney Goat Weed – This ingredient is used for many sexual problems and other things like diabetes, it increases blood flow to your penis. Horny goat weed naturally increases your testosterone levels. This is another plant extract. It’s a natural pde5 inhibitor which means it works in the same way as common prescription drugs such as viagra that help with erections. I know this supplement contains a high concentration of Icarin which is very important to look out for when looking for a supplement that includes horny goat weed.

  • Korean Red Ginseng – This Ingredient boosts your energy levels. Not just during sexual encounters but all day. It also reduces stress anxiety and improves your mood and also your mental health. Ginseng is another ingredient that boosts your libido.

  • Cordyceps – This ingredient is used to enhance the thickness and growth of your genitals. Cordyceps increases blood flow to your penis. This also helps with your libido and enhances erection quality.

  • Zinc – This ingredient helps really boost your testosterone levels and also can help to protect you from prostate cancer. Zinc is a brilliant mineral for better ejaculations this ingredient also helps for your body to absorb the other ingredients quicker.

  • Selenium- This ingredient is great for natural sperm production. Selenium will help increase your sperm levels and also increases your fertility.

So if we put all of these ingredients together we have a product that really is something special.

Here is an overview.

See Below for the full ingredients list and the strengths of each ingredient.


For a More detailed explanation of each Individual herb, botanical, plant extract or minerals used in male enhancement supplements check out my supplement ingredients page.

Guide To Supplement Dosage

dosage-max-performerThere are very clear instructions on the packaging it says to take two tablets a day best to take before or with a meal I personally take mine in the morning with my breakfast.

It is very important for the best results to take them every single day and make sure you do not forget to take them or miss out days or you will not benefit from the optimum results.

I’ve not heard of anyone taking to many of these male enhancement supplement’s but I would advise sticking to the stated dosage especially because these ingredients are very strong and concentrated.

My Personal Results

You may have seen that Max performer is my #No1 choice when it comes to male enhancement supplements, I will now explain to you why…

I have tested a lot of different brand’s of these kinds of supplements and don’t get me wrong some of the other brands are pretty damn good and give you great results.

The results I got from this supplement were incredible.

I’m not 100% sure why?

I think it must be because the Ingredients included are quite strong and obviously a good variety.

Week 1

When I first started taking this daily supplement for roughly the first few days I didn’t notice much change.

After day 2 I started feeling like I had a lot more energy.

This begun from when I got up in the morning and through out the whole day.

It felt great to get up in the morning and feel fresh and ready for the day ahead.

I also had more energy at work as well as at home which was a great start.

Week 2

It was around two weeks and I started feeling happier in myself and a bit of a boost in confidence.

I was thinking about sex more through out the day which was alright.

I also started to wake up with an erection in the mornings which was really rare for me let alone almost every day.

I didn’t really think I had a lack of sex drive before taking it I wanted to have sex.

I just worried that when it came to the crunch I would disappoint.

Week 3

So three weeks and my erection quality started to improve in a huge way.

When I wanted to have sex with my girlfriend I could actually perform.

I still had a few awkward moments but this was a great sign that Max Performer was doing its thing.

I was also a lot less worried to make a move, which my girlfriend was obviously thrilled about.

By this point when I did get an erection it was bigger and harder than I had experienced for a long time.

Week 4

After a month when I had sex my orgasms were getting really intense.

My erections were now rock solid when I was waking up in the morning.

A few times I actually went for second helpings after the first session which before taking this male enhancement supplement I never would have imaged possible.

I mean I hadn’t done that since I was In my teen years!!

By now you can Imagine how happy I and my girlfriend were with the results.

I could actually satisfy her and more importantly myself.

I almost had got to the point where I started to forget that I actually struggled with sex before.

Week 5

Just after the first month to month an a half, I noticed that I had more semen volume and the orgasms were out of this world.

My penis was actually hanging bigger when soft and my erections were getting even stronger and bigger.

My girlfriend noticed and was very satisfied when we had sex.

After 8 Weeks

Two months and my energy Levels were Insane!

I had just started my own business which was hard work in Its self.

I was managing to work really hard and still enjoy my family life and most importantly love life all at the same time.

This Is when I had realised this enhancement pill was by far the best supplement that I have found so far.

I’m still supplementing with this supplement to this day and the results just keep getting stronger.

The more I take max performer pills the better it gets.

I feel great and the results just keep getting better and better just when you think that’s it, you notice extra gains.

This supplement does not disappoint and your not going to be able to hide this from your girlfriend she will know something has changed.

If you want to be better in the sack I would completely 100% advise trying Max Performer It will NOT disappoint.

I feel like this pill completely changed my relationship with my girlfriend and she felt differently about me like she wanted me more.


So as you guys already know before I take any supplement I research and look at other reviews.

It can be hard to find reviews that give honest and unbiased.

When looking for max performer reviews almost all of the reviews that I found were all positive.

If you cant find much bad online this is a great sign people love to find imperfections in things it’s just human nature.

I did not find much at all about the negatives of this product which made me even more excited to try it for myself.

There are a few good testimonials on the official website.

There are many that I found online and also I found some great stuff on social media including Facebook and Instagram. Here is a great Max Performer Review on youtube.

Or Click here to check out another review

Here are a few that I believe are real honest reviews that explain this male enhancement pill very well.

This Guy seems to know this product inside out and has obviously also studied this product and the included ingredients…

Order Max Performer From The Official Website

Pornstar Sophie D Even Believes In Max Performer

Also While looking on social media I found this very interesting.

There is even a very famous porn star called Sophie D and even she rates this male enhancement pill and says if you would like thicker and harder erections then to visit the official max performer website.

If anyone is going to know about thicker and harder erections I think she has a pretty good idea!!

So guys there you go if famous pornstars believe in max performer I think its pretty safe to say its a great male enhancement product that works very well.

The only real way to find out is to try it for your self.

You can try max performer completely risk free because if your not satisfied with the results you can get all of your money back guaranteed.

 Here Is A Screenshot Of The Testimonials On The Official Website

max-performer-testimonialsThese all sound great and explains how much people believe in this natural supplement.

One of these even explains how good this supplement works from the woman’s point of view which is good to know.

When using a male enhancement supplement I normally want my girlfriend to notice that something is different or something has changed.

This reaction from a partner also confirms that the effects from using this supplement are no placebo.


couple-interimate-max-performerAlthough I’m shocked with the results I have had with Max Performer It is a Daily supplement, not an instant solution like viagra.

At some points Max Performer increased my sex drive so much, things got a bit uncomfortable…

Also if you stop taking It the results do wear off.

It’s not a permanent fix.

But there are no side effects so I don’t mind carrying on with this supplement.

Also, this supplement is not available from Amazon or GNC or any stores it is only available from the Official Max Performer Website.

Shipping details and Best Place To Buy Max Performer

plain-pakaging-max-performer-shippingWhen you place your order Shipping is free of charge worldwide.

Shipping to the UK you can get next day delivery.

The order is very discreet and comes in plain packaging so even your partner will not know what you have ordered.

Your order can be tracked and normally.

You will receive tracking details within 24 hours of ordering the product.

The Guys at Silver Blade Nutrition are so confident that these pills work that they offer a 100% money back guarantee when you buy a 3 or 6 month supply if you are not happy with the Product.

Max Performer offers 3 different packages one box which is a month or 30 days supply, a 3 month supply or a 6 month supply.

The more you buy the less you will pay simply because silver blade nutrition value customer loyalty.

The cost of one box is…

$69 that is a 30day supply.

3 month supply is: $138

6month supply is: $207

If it changes at all I will be sure to update accordingly.


max-performer-6-month-supplySo After this detailed review, there are a few things to go over in this review does this supplement work. The answer is an obvious yes!

It does it worked wonders for me.

It does everything the company claims, it is a brilliant supplement for a massive range of sexual gains.

This has to be my top choice for a daily male enhancement supplement it’s brilliant and it really had a huge impact on my sex life.

It also had a great overall positive effect.

If you have any questions about this product I will be very happy to help.

You can contact me via the contact form on the contact page.

This supplement did also increase my semen volume and help with premature ejaculation.

Best results can be seen after 3-6 months.

If you are serious about results then it’s best to buy multiple boxes. This is also the best way to save money.

Bulk buying costs less compared to the cost of a single box.

You are also protected by the money back guarantee even on the bigger orders

 Discount codes

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Make sure it is in block capitals or it will not work.

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Ok so this part of my review I have recently added.

This is because after looking at a lot of the other Reviews I’ve noticed they have not included anything giving you the answers to your questions.

Now I’m getting a lot of interest and different frequently asked questions about this male enhancement supplement.

I thought it would be a good idea to list a few of these so you can maybe get these commonly asked questions answered.

So here we go these are just a few.

If you want me to add any for you guys send me an email or contact me through the contact form on the contact page.

You can find the link for the contact page on the footer of every page.

Can You Take It With Other Supplements At The Same Time?

Ok, so this is a great question with a bit of a tricky answer I will do my best to answer this as clearly as possible.

I do not normally take two supplement’s at the same time but I have changed supplement from one day to the next but actually yes some supplements you can take together.

Its all about the ingredients that they include this is where you have to be careful!

If the two supplements don’t have any of the same ingredients then I highly doubt that you will have any problems taking both at the same time on the same day.

The problem arrives when you take two supplements that include the same ingredients.

Some ingredients will be fine in high dosages but some will not.

This is where you will have issues if there are ingredients that give side effects at high dosages.

I would not recommend this is a good idea and there is your answer.

Basically if ingredients conflict with each other be careful and know your supplement ingredients.

Can You Take This Supplement If Your Diabetic?

This is a question that I really had no clue how to answer the first time I was asked.

I have now carried out a lot of research on every single ingredient in relation to diabetes and if any of these ingredients would be a problem to be taken if you have diabetes.

The answer is there is one ingredient included that is possible to alter blood sugar levels and this is cordyceps.

I do know someone that is diabetic and he takes insulin and he was completely fine taking this and experienced no adverse side effects from taking it.

He actually said it was really great and he would be ordering more.

I will add that if you are diabetic and you do take this pill I would strongly recommend asking your doctor if it was safe to do so before using this male enhancement pill.

Does Your Body Build A Tolerance To Will This Supplement Stop Working As Well?

This is a very commonly asked question that I have been asked many times now.

The answer is simple and the answer is actually written on the Official website.

They say to have a week off from taking the supplement every few months.

If you feel the effects of this pill dropping and not feeling like you are getting the same results as previously.

With that being said I have been taking it for two years now on and off.

I only stopped taking it to give other supplements a try.

For me personally it still works great for me and I don’t have any breaks.

I think I would miss it too much to stop taking it and I have not had this problem at all.

Are The Amazing Results Of Max Performer Permanent

This is another viable question and this one is quite easy to answer for you guys.

Unfortunately the results that you get from taking this supplement are not permanent.

You will only receive these sexual gains while you are taking it.

When you stop taking this daily supplement the results will slow down and eventually wear off which is a shame but its ok.

There is no need to stop.

These ingredients are good for your body and not a risk so it doesn’t matter if you keep taking it.

Are There Side Effects Is It Safe To Take?

As you may have already read in this review these pills only contains natural safe and healthy ingredients that are not harmful.

Max performer does not give you any added side effects or risks.

I think this was very important in the production of this pill and something they looked into when producing it.

Can You Purchase It In The Stores?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.

It is only available online and the only place you can buy the real Max Performer pills is the Official Website the great thing is that even though you cant purchase in stores it is free for worldwide shipping to over 200 countries Including Canada.

What To Do If I’m Not Happy With The Results Of This Sex Pill How To Get Your Money Back?

Ok so you may or may not have seen that when you buy this male enhancement pill they give you a 100 day money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with the results you got.

A lot of people like to know the answer to this question understandably before they try this product for the first time although most of them reorder after using it.

I thought this would be a good question to answer for you guys the answer is you will have to contact Andrew at Silver blade nutrition.

He will be more than helpful he has always helped me with any questions that I have asked him and he will ask you to return the empty blister packs and the box as well.

The boxes do have to be returned by 100 days so you can try this male enhancement supplement for 90 days before you do this.

Also if you take a look a look at the other male enhancement products you will see that as far as risk-free guarantee’s go this is extra long and you will struggle to find another male enhancement product with a money back guarantee like it.

Can I take It If I Don’t Suffer From Erectile Dysfunction?

This one is a simple one to answer for you guy’s and the answer is yes.

This supplement does obviously help people with erectile dysfunction but it is great for any man that would like to improve their sex lives not just men with erectile dysfunction.

Why Is It My No#1 Male Enhancement Pill For 2018?

Max Performer got the top spot on my website because when I used this product it didn’t just improve one thing.

This is a great supplement for all of your sexual needs, it really is the best male enhancement pill I have used.

It improved my energy, boosted my testosterone levels which is brilliant if you work out, increased my semen volume giving me better orgasms, allowed me to go for longer no problem.

Most importantly my erections improved to better than when I was in my youth.

This supplement literally takes you back to your younger years for this reason it had to be put at no#1 for male enhancement.

Try it you will not be disappointed…

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