What is MSM?

MSM has many different names it can be known as Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, Dimethyl Sulfone, DMSO2 or methyl Sulfone, This is a chemical that is found inside our body’s that is in human melanoma cells but our body’s don’t produce this chemical on its own.

MSM is naturally found in some plant’s and is found in very small amounts in the food that we eat and that is where our body’s get it from but in tiny amounts.

MSM for Male Enhancement

MSM is popular to be included as an ingredient in male enhancement supplement’s also very popular in fitness supplements and protein bars due to it being a known ingredient to increase energy levels and aid muscle repair or fatigue it has also been proven to help speed up the absorption of other nutrients. MSM has been used and is still used to treat muscle pain and joint pain and has been said to have positive effects on people that suffer from osteoarthritis.

MSM is something that should be in your body it is very important to have normal levels of this in your system to gain and keep an erection it helps your tissues and muscles in your penis stay flexible and thin so your blood can pass into your penis through your skin cells to allow you to gain an erection.

Without enough MSM in your body, you will find it very difficult to gain and keep an erection. Some people that suffer from erectile dysfunction could actually have a MSM deficiency in their body and this could be the root cause of ED.

MSM Is FDA Approved

MSM has been a chemical of interest and has undergone many tests and clinical studies, it has been found to be safe for us to take and also has been FDA approved for use in dietary supplements, dietary smoothies, meal replacement foods and energy bars. Also in these clinical studies, it has been found to not cause any side effects even when taken for long periods of time. A safe amount of MSM has been said to be anything up to 2 grams per kilogram of body mass per day.

Supplements That Include MSM

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