What Is Morning Wood?


What Is morning wood and why do I get morning wood?

It is common for Men to wake up with morning erection’s but also to have them while they are sleeping.

These nighttime erection’s are called nocturnal penile tumescence.

Morning wood is known as the last erection before you wake up.

If you wake up with a morning erection regularly this is a very good healthy sign of healthy penis function.

This is also a great sign that your body has a healthy testosterone balance.

Morning wood is a sign of great blood flow also a healthy heart.

Morning wood is basically a good way to tell if a man is fit and healthy.

The reason these night time and morning erections occur and are more frequent than in the day is because of a hormone called noradrenaline.

This hormone blocks an unwanted erections while you are awake during the day.

While you are sleeping at night your noradrenaline levels are much lower and for that reason you get random erections while your sleeping.

A full bladder from a night of sleep can normally add to an even higher chance of waking up with morning wood and can also be painful or ache.

Normally this nocturnal penile tumescence or NPT erections happen when your body goes into rapid eye movement part of your sleep also known as REM this part of your sleep is also when you dream.

No Morning Wood – Why It Can Be The Start Of A Problem

Waking up with an erection is very normal and common in men.

If you start to notice that you are getting a lack of morning erections or you are not getting morning wood then it is a good sign that there is a problem.

This could be possibly the beginnings of ED or cardiovascular problem’s and the start of erectile dysfunction.

If you think that there is any chance of cardiovascular problem’s you should seek medical advice immediately from a medical professional or doctor.

Reasons For Not Getting Morning Wood

There can be many different reasons for not getting morning wood.

I am going to be as detailed as possible to list the reasons that can lead to you not getting your morning wood.

Low Testosterone Levels Causes No Morning Wood

If your body is not producing enough testosterone then this will make it difficult to get an erection.

This is not just in the mornings but all of the time and you will notice that your will not get any morning erections.

Common signs to look out for to recognise low testosterone levels is your testicles are shrinking.

This sign is a sure telltale that your testosterone levels are dropping.

Testosterone is massively important in men for muscle and bone mass, strength, fat distribution and Sperm Production.

Testosterone is also vital for a man to gain an erection.

Without testosterone, your body will not even produce red blood cells.

Testosterone also increases a mans libido and want for sex.

Check out a good testosterone booster to just raise testosterone levels.

So there we go healthy testosterone levels are going to be a major key part of a man’s overall sexual health.

Phycological Effects Erectile Dysfunction


This is a great way to know if you are suffering from phycological effects of erectile dysfunction.

If you are suffering with phycological effects of ED you will still wake up with morning erections.

If you are suffering from anxiety or phycological causes you will not be able to achieve or maintain an erection when you need it with your partner.

This is the best way to be able to tell if you are suffering from a lack of mental sexual arousal.

This can also be caused by confidence and also major nervousness.

 Some Men Don’t Wake Up With Morning Wood Very Often

Not all men wake up with morning wood every single day.

So if you are not waking with an erection every day then don’t instantly think that there is a problem.

It may be that when you have woken up you have not been in your REM part of your sleep and some men can have REM sleep without getting an erection.

Too Much Porn Can Cause No Morning Wood No Fap


It sounds crazy that overdoing it with porn can stop your morning erections and actually can stop your erections altogether unless you watch porn but it’s true.

If you watch a lot of porn your brain releases a chemical called dopamine.

You need this chemical to be aroused if your brain releases this dopamine to often by a lot of masturbating with porn then your body builds a tolerance for it.

Eventually you will stop getting erection’s or you will find it a lot harder to get an erection.

This is because you will need your brain to release more of this dopamine for it to work.

This will mean that you will only be able to get an erection when you watch porn.

If you are suffering from this type of erectile dysfunction don’t worry it is easily cured if you stop the porn you will find that things will slowly get back to normal.

For some reason the time to get back to normal for overdoing it with masturbation is shorter for older men and takes longer for younger men.

Its the same for the refractory period is shorter in older men and longer for younger men.

Block Arteries and Heart Disease Stop Morning Wood

Your arteries are pathways around your body for your blood.

If your arteries become blocked or are damaged they are blocking the path for your circulatory system.

There are many things that can contribute to bad circulation and these will all lead to erectile dysfunction normally.

This is because the arteries leading to your penis are much thinner so will be one of the first places to block and could even lead to a heart attack later on.

The main causes of blocked arteries and heart disease are obesity, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes, high blood sugar levels or high cholesterol.

Most people think that you have to be fat to have high cholesterol but that is not the case it is a mistake to think that!

Anyone can suffer from high cholesterol from an unhealthy diet, Exercise and a healthy diet, keeping your body fit will help you keep your morning wood.

Painkillers and Antidepressants – No Morning Wood

Some Painkillers an also anti-depressants can cause no morning wood.

The reason for this is because they stop nocturnal penile tumescence altogether.

Actually sexual side effects from antidepressant drugs are very common in both men and women.

They calm and relax you but they also calm and relax your sexual hormones and serotonin levels in your body giving you negative sexual side effects and lower libido an sex drive.

I have personally experienced this.

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