Hi guys,

my name is Darren and welcome to my Penomet Pump Review.

Ive been using the Penomet Penis Pump for around 3 months, and i’m now going to talk about my results.

This is the second hydropump that I have used and I have found that It is the best penis pump that I have used so far.

This Penis pump is great and the easiest to use and you will not have to worry about choosing the right size because its a one size fits all pump.

The one size fits all in my opinion is brilliant, simple and takes all the confusion away when ordering this type of pump.

I have found the Penomet pump to be amazing for many different reasons and I will now talk about the different things that the Penomet can be used for…

Penomet For Girth Gains


Ok so this is probably one of the most obvious reasons you would buy a Penomet pump.

The Penomet is very effective for extra penis girth and you will notice a significant difference after the first time you use it.

If you are trying to increase girth for permanent penis girth gains then you are going to need to work for it.

The Penomet is a type of exercise pump and you will want to use it in the same kind of way that you would work out at the gym.

You will want to use the Penomet Pump five days of the week and have at least one rest day preferably two.

These rest days are important!

This is when you penis will repair its-self and you will notice that you are really gaining some extra girth.

My advise is at first start off with a low pressure and to work your way up gradually.

Also its a good idea to start of with 10 minute sessions for the first week and work up to 20 to 25 minute sessions over time.

This is to avoid any discomfort and to get used to using your Penomet penis pump.

Although the Penomet pump is great for girth gains there are many other reasons you may want to get yourself one.

The Penomet Is only available from the official website –

Penomet For Erectile Dysfunction

So erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more common especially in older men and now becoming more common in younger guys as well.

The Penomet pump is perfect for guys with ED this is because when you use the Penomet penis pump it sucks your blood into your penis helping you to pump up your own erection.

The great thing about the Penomet pump is that you can use it to pump your blood into your penis just before you have sex which is brilliant for guys that struggle to gain an erection.

This will also loosen the soft tissue in your penis helping you to gain an erection better when you need one but again you will need to keep using it and over time you will see some great results.

After using the Penomet hydropump over time for ED you will find it easier to gain an erection without using the pump at all.

Penomet For Premature Ejaculation

Ok I have read a lot of these different Penomet reviews and I have not seen that anyone else has written about how good these pumps are for guys that suffer with the problem of arriving to soon.

When I used the Penomet right before having sex with my girlfriend, I noticed that my penis was slightly numb from using the pump.

I found that this allowed me to go for even longer than usual, which is another great reason to use this pump.

Penomet For Peyronies

Ok so I have heard and read about this Penomet pump being great for straightening a curved penis but unfortunatly I dont suffer with this so I cant tell you from personal results.

I can Imagine its pretty great for this because it does suck your penis into a straightened out position.

I think if you suffer with Peyronies then you will have to use the pump daily and over time you will see a difference.

A Bit About The Company

The Penomet Penis Pump has been sold online since 2011.

The company that produces the Penomet Pump is called Arctic Sea Ltd.

The company is based in the United States.

The Penomet pump is a scientifically proven penis pump that has undergone clinical studies.

The Penomet pump has been proven to give great results for the following uses…

  • Perfect for penis girth gains 
  • Great for penis length gains
  • Peyronies (straighten a curved penis)
  • Premature ejaculation 
  • Erectile dysfunction 
  • Increases stamina
  • Boosts a guys confidence 

The main reason I used this penis pump was for extra penis girth.

This pump worked after the first time I used It.

I was shocked with the results, my penis looked huge.

For even better results you can use this pump daily.

You and your partner will 100% notice a huge difference in the size and thickness of your penis.

Penomet Gains And My Results

When I found this penis enlargement pump I was looking for a suitable pump that gave great results. When I first used this device I found it was amazing straight from the get go.

I think these hydro pumps are so much better than the air pumps the water seems to help to regulate the pressure when it is pumped up. This helps to give an even vacuum pressure to your penis unlike the air pressured penis pumps.

I noticed a difference after the first use of this male enhancement device. I have been told that if you use this for over 6 weeks the penis size gains that you get you will actually keep kind of like any exercise this is basically a penis exercise pump.

Like I said I used this for a period of 3 months and the size gains I got were as follows…

In 3 months I gained 0.6 inches in length

My penis girth gains were 0.5 inches of girth

I felt like after using this for a while that I had a new penis and I was very surprised with my results. I never imagined I would get permanent penis gains.

My erections also improved which was great.

I will warn you guys that if you want these kinds of results you do need to put in a lot of effort. When you first use this pump its exciting but it does start to feel like a daily chore after using it for a few weeks.

My advise is don’t give up and keep on going you will get excellent results but it takes time.

Purchase Details And Where Can I Buy This Penomet Hydropump?

The Penomet penis pump is only available from the official website which is –

If you are buying the Penomet pump else where its more than likely a fake or a pre-owned pump.

The Penomet official website looks like this or if you use the links provided on this page it will take you there…

There are three different options available when buying a Penomet pump I will now explain the different options available and the cost of each…

So the options are…

The standard Penomet Package which is just one gator and the pump. This package will set you back – $127

Then the next option is the Extra Penomet package and this is the standard package but with two extra gators so you can swap and customise the pressure of your pump. This package will set you back – $197

Finally the Premium this is the one that I purchased and I thought it was worth every penny.

This package includes the pump with the original gator, then you will also get 4 other gators to fully customise pumping pressure.

you will also receive a shower strap which you will need to use this pump without holding it in the shower.

The Premium pump kit will set you back – $297

The Premium also comes with a 3 year warranty and with every order you have a 60 day money back guarantee.

So if your not happy with the results you can return your penis pump for a full refund. If you decide you want to use the money back guarantee you have 60 days to do so.

Also the order process is very discreet it will show on your statement Arctic Sea LTD.

You will receive your order in completely plane packaging, so no one will know what you have ordered.

I think this is very important when buying male enhancement products.

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The Gators And Gun Oil


There are Six different gators available with this pump. The gators are easy to swap form one to a different strength within seconds. Its best to remove the gators to clean them properly. You can do this using the gun oil that is available with the larger packages.

You can also buy the gun oil on amazon. This is so you keep the gators clean and it keeps the rubber nice and new. If you want your gators to last a long time I recommend using the gun oil to look after them.

Next up i’m going to be talking about the different strengths of gators.

I’m going to tell you the order the gators go up in strength.

So the first entry level gator is the purple gator. It then goes up in this order of strength Blue gator, black gator, red gator. The strongest gator is only available individually and it is the green gator. This gator turns this pump into a beast with the ultimate pumping power!

When Buying The Penomet You Have A Choice

This pump is available in six colours these colours are…


You can choose from these colours what one is your favourite all you have to do is select from the dropdown menu before you make your purchase. You can choose your colour here.

Is This Pump Safe?

If I had any doubts of the safety of this male enhancement device I would have not used it. This is an amazing hydro pump that has won many awards for comfort, safety and ease of use.