Prosolution Plus Review

Hello and welcome to my Prosolution Plus Review In this review I go over as detailed as possible everything you will need to know about Prosolution Plus and the main thing this male enhancement supplement is for is premature ejaculation.

If you want the best results and are serious about getting the most from Prosolution Plus you will want to take this supplement for at least 8 weeks. Prosolution Plus Is Available from the Official Website:

About Prosolution Plus

Hello and welcome to my Prosolution Plus review,


Prosolution Plus is aimed at guys that suffer from premature ejaculation and to give it its justice it certainly does that. It is produced and sold by a company called leading edge health this is the improved formula of the original Prosolution.

They have been selling online since 2002. This male enhancement supplement is aimed at better stamina and control during sexual intercourse. Also this is another supplement that will guarantee a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

How Prosolution Plus Will Benefit You

it’s a great formulated Dietary supplement that is based on natural herb’s and nutrient’s, and it greatly helps guys increase their sexual satisfaction! This supplement has actually undergone real clinical trials and the results from these trials are as follows participants noticed after taking Prosolution Plus experienced a:

  • 63% Improvement for premature ejaculation.
  • 66% Improvement in erection quality.
  • 47% Improvement in sexual functions.
  • 77% Improvement in satisfaction.

Main Ingredients In My ProSolution Plus Review

  • Tribulus Terrestris –
      this herb is an aphrodisiac. Tribulus Terrestris relaxes the corpora cavernous which are the chamber in your penis and increases your erection quality, offering natural help to men with erection difficulties.

  • Withania- Withania increases blood flow to your penis which in turn increases the size of your penis.

  • Mucana- This will help to increase the number of erections you have and also have positive effects on your libido.

These are the main ingredients in Prosolution Plus that will help you to have positive results. There are many more ingredients here is the full list.



Guide To Prosolution Plus Dosage

The full Instructions are written on the box, the guide is to take two ProSolution Plus a day with a whole glass of water, either before or after a meal you can also take another one tablet a day before sexual performance and its safe to do so. I personally like to take my supplements after my breakfast in the morning Make sure you do not skip or miss days because it could have a negative impact on the product working to it’s full potential.

My Personal Result’s with ProSolution Plus

prosolution-plus-best-sex-pillSo as you have probably seen on my website Prosolution plus is in my top 3 sex pills for men and it’s got to that spot for a very good reason, I will now try to explain to you why Prosolution Plus is so good. Prosolution plus is aimed at helping with premature ejaculation and I can confirm it does do that very well and it actually start’s to work pretty quickly, I personally started seeing result’s at around 2 – 3 day’s and the result’s keep getting better the longer you take them If you are serious about the best result’s for premature ejaculation with Prosolution Plus you are best to take it for at least 8 weeks roughly but everyone is different so time’s may vary slightly for the individual person. Although Prosolution Plus is aimed at premature ejaculation and that is the best use for this supplement it did also improve my erection quality slightly and also it helped with better orgasm’s but if they are your main focus then would try one of my other top 5 male erection boosting supplement’s. If your main goal is sexual control or having sex for longer then this is by far the best male enhancement supplement that I have found to date. I found when taking this supplement that although this supplement is taken by men it is also a supplement aimed to please women because when you take it you will be able to carry on having sex for a lot longer.

Pro’s and Con’s of Prosolution Plus

prosolution-plus-pills-boxThis product work’s very well if you take it for long enough. It really does help with premature ejaculation and you can control and hold back a lot easier. The downside’s are that when it really kicked in after around 13 week’s of taking the supplement and then taking another before sex sometime’s me an my girlfriend had to stop having sex which was great for her but not so great for me, the table’s had turned completely so these do work very well. Also it is another daily supplement so if you stop taking the product it won’t carry on working an the effect’s will wear off.

Discount Code For Prosolution Plus

Really sorry guy’s but currently there are no discount code’s for Prosolution Plus if that change’s then I will be sure to update this review with a Prosolution discount code.

Prosolution Plus Review Side Effect’s

I used Pro Solution Plus for just over 12 week’s and I experienced no side effect’s I have read a lot about Prosolution Plus prior to taking them and from all of the other review’s don’t mention of any added side effect’s, also a mentioned this supplement to a friend of mine without naming any name’s he said to me they work well and he experienced no side effect’s what so ever.



thumbs-upThis product does everything that leading edge health say’s it’s a really great product especially for premature ejaculation Prosolution Plus also help’s your partner enjoy sex more because you can go like a porn star! If you suffer from premature ejaculation which pretty much most men do at some point it’s very common this is my number #1 choice to overcome this and the best for your partner’s extra added pleasure.


Shipping Details and The Best Place to Buy Prosolution Plus

Shipping is completely free of charge and you will receive in plane packaging and there will be no trace of Prosolution Plus on your credit card bank statement. So you have nothing to worry about when buying Prosolution Plus.

plain-packaging-pro-solusion-plusThey offer quite a few different packages:

1 Month supply:$69.95

2 Month supply:$119.95

3 Month supply:$164.95

4 Month supply:$209.95

5 Month supply:$254.95

6 Month supply:$299.95

12 Month supply:$429.95

So as you can see Prosolution Plus award customer loyalty and the more you buy the more you save. If you buy the 12 month supply you actually make a saving of $529.45 which I think is incredible. This is the official website to buy Prosolution Plus.

Click here to Buy Prosolution Plus From The Official Website

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Prosolution Gel

Here is another addition to the Prosolution Plus supplement It’s a Prosolution gel. Its a gel that increases your erection size and sensitivity during sex, you apply just before sex. The great thing about it is unlike the daily supplement it works instantly I found it was even better when using it with the supplement for increased sexual pleasure its a really great addition to the supplement. My advice is have both together its an amazingly brilliant combo!!

What Is Prosolution Gel

Prosolution gel is a Gel that a guy can apply to his penis just before sexual encounters it help’s guy’s with better erection’s and a heightened sensitivity and extra feeling during sex. There are ingredient’s in Prosolution gel to help the cream absorb through the skin to help do what it’s made to do. the beauty of this Prosolution gel is how quickly it work’s it is literally almost instant, apply for best result’s about 5 – 10 minute’s before sex and it will be working to its full potential you can feel the difference. A lot of people ask if you can use prosolution gel with a comdom and the answer is yes you can it will not effect the durability of a comdom.

Pro Solution Gel Ingredient’s

L-Arginine – This is used as an ingredient in pro solution gel to increase blood flow and also increase erection strength for bigger harder erection’s.

Aloe vera – Most people know how great aloe vera is for your skin its widely used in so many skin care product’s of today, but it’s also used in prosolution gel to increase’s skin absorption.

Mango Butter – This is included in the ingredient’s of Pro Solution gel to act as an aphrodisiac and also is great as acting as a lube.

Menthol – This ingredient is in Prosolution Gel to increase sensitivity an feeling in your penis, also said to help you to feel more during sexual intercourse. This also is another ingredient that increase’s other ingredient that is said to help you have more control during sex.

Bearberry Extract – This is another ingredient for better blood flow to your penis increasing erection size and give’s the user a bigger and harder erection.

Algae Extract – This help’s your skin absorb the other ingredient’s quicker and more effectively without this ingredient prosolution gel would not be half as effective as it is.

Prosolution Gel Side Effect’s

Prosolution Gel Is 100% made from natural ingredient’s and completely risk and side effect free you have nothing to worry about using this gel. You can also apply when ever you require.

Does Prosolution Gel Work?

I have used a lot of various method’s of male enhancement product’s over this last few year’s and I can confirm that Prosolution Gel work’s very well and work’s even better used along with the supplement’s especially worked well with the prosolution plus to give more sensitivity and feeling and a better erection.


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