About Rhino 7 Pills?

Hello and Welcome to my Rhino 7 pills review in this review I’m am going to go over my findings from research and real results that I have personally had from taking Rhino 7 pills.

Rhino 7 Pills are a batch of different types of male enhancement pill that is produced and sold by a company called Rhino Platinum 7 but instead of selling a pack of male enhancement pills like the rest of the male enhancement daily supplements it is sold as a single pill that is said to last for 7 days. There are so many different types of these rhino pills and actually, most of them have almost exactly the same ingredients which seem slightly confusing to me?? Here are some of the different types of rhino pills.

  •  Rhino 5 4000
  • Rhino V5 3000
  • Rhino S 3000
  • Rhino 69 15000
  • Rhino 15 15000
  • Rhino 69 10000
  • Rhino 69 50k
  • Rhino 69 9000
  • Rhino 11 4500
  • Rhino 5 4000
  • Rhino 11 9000
  • Rhino 11 platinum 9000
  • Rhino 11 platinum
  • Rhino 50K extreme
  • Rhino 31 9000
  • Rhino 25K 15000
  • Rhino RV7
  • Rhino 12 Titanium
  • Rhino king 15000
  • Rhino RHV7
  • Rhino 69 17000
  • Rhino 99 diamond
  • Rhino 12K special edition
  • Crazy Rhino 15000
  • Krazy rhino 11000
  • Rhino 88 diamond
  • Rhino 25 titanium
  • Rhino 12K special edition
  • Rhino 19 platinum 19000
  • Rhino 12 titanium 6000
  • Rhino 12 6000 titanium
  • Rhino 25 titanium 8000
  • Rhino 17 5000
  • Rhino 19 Rhino 88 diamond

I think you get my drift by now, I’m sure there are more as well but I’m getting pretty bored of listing them. To be quite honest there is almost no change in the ingredients of each different product so I’m really unsure why they have released almost identical male enhancement pills in different names.

Claims Made By The Rhino 7 Pills Company

Rhino Platinum 7 claims that rhino 7 pills will help you to…

  1. Last longer in bed and completely gets rid of premature ejaculation.
  2. Makes your penis get bigger, thicker and a lot longer than it is.
  3. Gives the user better orgasms and increases semen volume.
  4. Increases your libido and increases your mental health and your confidence.
  5. 1 pill gives you all of the above for 7 whole days.
  6. No headaches.

That all sounds great but is it as good as it sounds?? Well the answer I’m afraid is no, actually even Viagra doesn’t last for 7 days after you take it, rhino 7 doesn’t actually give you any of the desired effects that the company claims it does and actually it has had an FDA warning put against these pills and I would not trust any type of these rhino pills they are believed not safe to consume and actually very dangerous and can have some very serious side effects!!

Rhino 7 Pill Guide to dosage and Cost

So as you may have already read the dosage instructions of rhino 7 pills are pretty simple, simply because when you purchase the pill it comes in a packet including just one enhancement pill and the manufacturer claims that this single pill will keep working for 7 days without having to take any more. Rhino 7 cost is $8.99 for one packet which is 1 tablet that supposedly lasts 7 days.

Rhino Pills FDA Warnings

Rhino Pills have had numerous FDA warnings against them for more than one type of their pills. They have been caught more than once adding dangerous medications and ingredients that are not on the ingredients lists of their so called natural supplements.

There are trying to fool people into believing that there product works. They have been found guilty of medication fraud on more than one occasion the FDA warnings say that these rhino 7 pills contain hidden and illegal drugs including sildenafil which is the active ingredient in viagra that are banned in most countries, that is is a highly dangerous product that has the potential to make the user very ill and could actually cause death.

The ingredients in these rhino 7 pills are potentially harmful and not properly regulated so it is a huge risk to take this supplement.

Rhino Pills Ingredients

Right so you already know what one of the hidden ingredients in rhino 7 pills is now for the list of their “so called” ingredients I mean if they can lie about the hidden drugs then are these ingredients real? I just can’t put any trust in any of these products anymore. Anyhow the said ingredients are as follows:ingredients-rhino-7


I have read and researched a lot of different male enhancement herbs plants and foods that boost erections.

I have not heard of hardly any of these ingredients that are included in this pill.

There is no mention of the hidden ingredient sildenafil which has also been found in these Rhino 7 pills. This is not a natural male enhancement pill like it says its all a lie to sell a product that doesn’t actually work at all without sildenafil in it.

Almost all of these ingredients have no evidence of any benefits what so ever for male enhancement which makes me wonder if the plan was always to add the sildenafil when producing this male enhancement pill.

How Does Rhino 7 Male Enhancement Pills Benefit You?

Well, this product will give you an erection because of the sildenafil that is in it, so I suppose thats a plus?? This will also give you terrible side effects you can read more about the side effects of a PDE5 Inhibitors on my PDE5 inhibitors page Sildenafil poses significant health risk’s and are potentially dangerous to be consumed.

Sildenafil can react with other medications and can even be fatal in some cases it’s just not worth risking your life. With that being said these pills without the hidden ingredient would not work at all and certainly won’t last 7 days even with the added sildenafil and it 100% will not increase the size of your penis.

When I took this male enhancement product I took one pill and it gave me a severe headache and made me feel sick and dizzy I will never go near this male enhancement product again or any of the other products that rhino platinum produce.

Rhino Pills 7 Conclusion And Video Review

So after actually taking this male enhancement pill and having awful results from just taking one pill. I think its safe to say that this is a terrible choice for male enhancement and I will not be recommending this male enhancement pill.

Its a untrustworthy company that will lie to their customers to make more money, to be quite honest I think its disgusting! For health reasons I will inform you guys to steer clear of these products, I will not be giving a link to the website because I do not want to be held responsible for anyone taking these male enhancement pills.

If you still want to buy Rhino 7 pills you can do so at your own risk.

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