size-genetics-extenderSize Genetics Penis Extender

Welcome to my size genetics penis extender review. I have personally used this size genetics penis extender and I thought the results were so great that I should add a review to I wouldn’t say I had a small penis before but I thought it can’t do any harm and bigger is better so I will give it a try.

It’s a brilliant tool to help give you a little extra size to your manhood. I have a very active job so when I first used size genetics I just had the basic extender. I can’t stress enough if you are going to use this extender properly you are going to want the comfort system, it makes a huge difference and makes it wearable while you are doing pretty much anything. Also, your partner is going to notice that extra size.

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This so far is the only extender that I have used so I can’t compare it to another extender but even so, I thought it was great. Also, it is important to let you guys know that I used a supplement while using this extender and it helped to speed up the results. The product comes in a great little box that is lockable with a key, that is provided, inside all the bits and pieces you will need to vary the length of the device. This all goes inside the box to make it very neat and tidy.

What Is Size Genetics?

size-genetics-penis-extenderSize genetics is a penis extender that can increase your penis size, including length and girth, it’s mainly aimed at extra length but it will increase the thickness of your penis as well. This device can also be used to straighten a curved penis and it is actually doctor endorsed so you know it works well. On the official website size genetics claim to give you an increase in size, if you follow the instructions properly, of up to an extra 2.5inches in length!!

How The Size Genetics Extender Works

increase-male-penis-lenghtSo the size genetics extender may look like a medieval contraption to someone that hasn’t used one before, but it is pretty simple to set up and start using so don’t be put off. What you do is put your extender on your penis for roughly 6 hours per day, which I thought when I first tried it was a long time, but this extender is comfortable. There is a 58-way comfort system that is available to purchase with your order if you use this comfort system you will forget you even have it on. So I would recommend that you purchase this too.

Sizegenetics is recommended to be used for six months to gain up to an extra 2.5 inches in size. When using size genetics extender it gently stretches your penis to make the tissue cells divide and multiply to give you more length, in turn giving you a thicker, longer penis. This process is called traction and it really does work. The only way I can explain it simply is to say that your penis is a muscle, and like any other muscles, if you want bigger muscles you have to work out this is technically a penis work out.

The extender comes deconstructed, but it’s easy to put together and does have easy to follow instructions in the box. Sizegenetics is fully customizable to your own size, and as you start to gain size you can easily add sections to the extender so it keeps working as it should. The Sizegenetics extender is scientifically proven to make your penis bigger. Sizegenetics can provide up to 2,800 grams of tension or stretch pressure and that’s what make’s this extender work so effectively. This extender does take time to work and for you to see results, but the best thing about this penis extender is that after you have done it your penis will stay that size so it really is worthwhile.

Is Size Genetics Safe

size-geneticsIs size genetics safe? Well, the answer is yes. Sizegenetics is one of the safest penis extenders that there is on the market. That is the main reason why I thought I would try this product out and see if it was worth a review and more importantly if it actually works as it should.

This penis extender is also completely pain-free so no pain and actual gain. When you first use it I would recommend using it for shorter periods of time to get used to the extender and also play around with the comfort system to suit your own personal preference. Also, the tightness of the strap is pretty important you need it to be tight but not cutting off your circulation tight. So just bear that in mind when you first start using this product.

Size Genetics Risk-Free Guarantee

Size genetics offer a guarantee with your order so you can try size genetics completely risk-free. This guarantees that if you use the size genetics extender as instructed for four months, and you don’t gain any size or are not happy with this product they say you will receive a 100% double your money back guarantee and you have 6 months to return the product.

You really have nothing to lose and actually will gain money if your unhappy with this product which shows that this is a great product and is well worth your time.

Size Genetics Conclusion

If you are thinking about trying a penis extender I can say that the Sizegenetics extender is a great choice and I am so happy that I found this extender. It really opened my eyes to something I never thought would be possible without surgery. The main thing here is that the size genetics penis extender actually works and it did increase the length of my penis which I honestly never knew was possible in this way.

Like I said earlier, I cant compare it to any other extender on the market because it is the only extender that I have tried, but I will try some others. Any penis extenders that you guys can recommend would be great. For the best results with size genetic’s it does take commitment and patients for the best result’s you should use the size genetic’s extender for about 6 months as regularly as possible.

Size Genetics Discounts and Orders

When you order size genetics the order process and the billing is completely discreet, and the packaging is also discreet so no one will know what you have ordered, even if they sign for the package you wouldn’t know what was inside.

If you find this Penis extender anywhere else please be careful that it is the genuine Sizegenetics product, as there are many copies out there that are not as good quality as the real extender and will not give you the desired results.

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