About Volume Pills

Hello, I’m Darren and welcome to my Volume Pills review.

I personally first of all researched and then tried and tested Volume Pills for 6 months and i’m now going to talk about my results.

Volume Pills is a male enhancement supplement that you can take to maintain and improve your reproductive health.

Volume pills also Improve erections, boost testosterone, and give you explosive ejaculations and actually multiplies your semen volume by a hell of a lot more.

Volume Pills is made up of 100% natural concentrates, all clinically proven to increase sexual activity and increase your semen volume.

If you want the maximum results from volume pills you are going to need to take it every day for around 14 weeks.

By this time you will see some great changes and the supplement starts to work very effectively.

Giving you very strong orgasms with bucket loads of extra semen volume.

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Volume Pills are quite a well-known supplement that has been on the male enhancement scene for just over a decade. They are a clinically proven medically doctor endorsed supplement.

I Personally think that Volume Pills is actually the best semen enhancer that is readily available OTC today.

They are Produced and sold by a company called Pro nutrition.

They only deal in high-quality products that have been stringently tested to make sure they are safe.

They supply the genuine product and customer satisfaction is one of their ultimate goals.

How Will Volume Pills Benefit You

buy-Volume-PillsVolume Pills are a 100% herbal supplement that increases your semen volume by increasing the blood flow to your reproductive organs so that your muscles contract and allow you to feel more sensations during sexual intercourse.

Enjoy really intense orgasms that seem to last for ages. How does that work?

Well the more you ejaculate the more semen the better it will feel. If you have more of it passing through and for longer then your orgasms are going to be much more intense, go for longer and be much more satisfying.

The effect is similar to not having any sexual intercourse or masturbation for several days when you do finally ejaculate you will find that it is much more intense, there is more volume and you ejaculate for much longer.

The claims made by the company are as follows:

  • Each orgasm will be super intense
  • You’ll perform like a pornstar
  • Shoot more and more volume
  • Impress your lover
  • Increase in volume of fluid
  • Galactic orgasms
  • Orgasms that seem to last forever
  • Multiple ejaculations in one session
  • Heightened sexual appetite

Main Ingredients In Volume Pillsvolume-pills-ingredients

  • Solidin This ingredient is used to increase your sensitivity and feel allowing you to feel more pleasure. This also can help you last longer in bed. This ingredient tells your brain to make your nerves more sensitive increasing sensitivity.
  • Ku Gua  This natural ingredient aims at boosting your testosterone levels and increases the size of your reproductive organs and also increases semen volume.
  • San Guo mu  This ingredient will give you more energy but not just during sexual encounters all of the time this ingredient makes you feel young and energetic.
  • Vitamin C helps to improve overall reproductive health and increases fertility also another of the volume pills ingredients that increase semen volume.

This is the main ingredients ones that will aid in your body having more energy even in daily life and those explosive orgasms!!! The full list of ingredients is in the picture.

Guide To Supplement Dosage

The Guided Dosage on the box is two tablets once a day, every day in the morning with a full glass of water.

I personally like to take my supplements in the morning before or after my breakfast smoothie. It’s very important for the best results to take them every day making sure not to skip days or you will not benefit from the maximum results.

On the back of the box, it states that you can increase the dosage to no more than 6 pills a day but not to exceed that amount.

I’ve not heard of anyone overdosing on these but I would advise sticking to the stated dosage especially because the ingredients in Volume Pills are very potent and concentrated.

Volume Pills Are Available From The Official Website


This is the right place to buy Volume Pills if you buy them somewhere else they could be copied products or knock off if you want to be safe then use the links provided on this page and they will take you straight to the

Volume Pills Official Website.

I do always say this but just be careful when you buy Male Enhancement pills all of the products on my site are completely safe and you will not get stuck in a re-buy or buy counterfeit products.

Volume Pills Discount Codes

Unfortunately, there are currently no discount codes available for Volume pills but as soon as I do I will be sure to add it in here but normally they only do very short discount offers.

Do Volume Pills Work? Find Out My Personal Results From Volume Pills

I Used Volume Pills for six months every day taking two Volume Pills a day, I am now going to explain why I have included volume pills in my top three supplements for male enhancement so here you go..

week 1 – When I first started taking Volume Pills the first few days I didn’t notice much difference at around the 3-day mark I started to feel my energy levels increasing this was the first sign that I had that these Volume Pills were having a positive effect on me this is a really good feeling and you don’t feel yourself getting as tired as quickly.

Week 2 – At around 15 days of taking this male enhancement supplement, I noticed my semen volume was increasing it was roughly already double the amount of before it felt great and made me feel better longer orgasms which is even better.

Week 3 – At week 3 my semen volume was still increasing and ejaculations were starting to get really intense and last for a lot longer which was a new feeling for me something I actually had never experienced before.

1 Month – At a month of taking Volume Pills daily the results are incredible with this supplement I would highly recommend Volume Pills for increased male fertility it is an amazing semen enhancer. I didn’t think my girlfriend would like it that my semen volume had increased so much but she did notice the difference and seemed to love it. My semen volume was over double the amount from when I started to take this supplement and the orgasms were really intense I could not hide it I’m not normally noisy during sex but I started to make some strange groans that I couldn’t hold in.

2 Months – The results were still increasing not as fast as before but the supplement is still working great and I actually noticed that my testicles were increasing in size slightly which again was another new experience for me I think this must be the testosterone boosting ingredients that are giving me this effect.

3 Months – Three months and my semen volume was ironically around three times the amount from when I began taking this male enhancement supplement.

4 Months – Things were still increasing I have no idea how much my semen volume increased but it was insane my testicles actually got huge and when I ejaculated it felt absolutely mental and just seemed to go on and on, a couple of times it got a bit messy.

I actually believe that my semen volume more than likely was 5 x the amount compared to when I started and the orgasms were really really strong and its a full on experience for someone that has never experienced this feeling.

6 Months – After roughly the 4 month point a little bit more roughly 9 weeks of taking it everything was still amazing but it didn’t seem to keep getting much better than it was at 4 months I guess I could have tried to increase the dosage of the pills but I only planned to take this supplement for 6 months I can Recommend this supplement and I do recommend to friends because the feelings you get from this supplement is really great.

I can tell you guys Volume Pills work very well. Volume Pills did help with erection quality slightly but if your main goal is erection quality then you should check out my Top 5 Erection Boosters.

Shipping Details and The Best Place To Buy Volume Pills

plain-packaging-volume-pillsThe company knows’s that these things need to be kept under wraps and they say they never let their packages get mailed to customers with identifying marks on them your order will arrive in plain packaging.

No one will even know what you have ordered, your billing will be discreet an has been very discreet every time I have ordered Volume Pills.

This company also give a 100% money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the product after 62 days after ordering the product you can get all of your money back no questions asked. So look you really have nothing to lose with this product. Try it!!

Volume Pills are a premium male enhancement pill but it does work very well the prices for the packages are as follows…


They come in various different Packages:

1 month supply: £42.99

2 month supply: £73.59

3 month supply: £99.99

4 month supply: £123.99

6 month supply: £175.99

Prices do vary depending on where you buy these from, If you are looking to increase your semen volume by x5 more than it is then you will be looking at around 4.5 months of taking it continuously for the maximum results.

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Volume Pills Conclusion

Ok so the results I got from taking Volume Pills where astonishing and I really didn’t expect them to work as well as they did I also didn’t think I would enjoy the results but I was so wrong to think that for this reason, they are my #1 male enhancement pill for increasing semen volume because they do this so well, it does take time to get really good results but if you persist and don’t miss days you will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Volume Pills Faqs


So since I’ve had this site up and running I’m getting a lot of questions coming through on the contact form and also via email so I thought I would add these into my Volume pills review to answer a few of the more frequently asked questions so that you guys have everything that you need to know about Volume Pills, so here they are…

Will Volume Pills Increase My Partners Chance Of Getting Pregnant?

This is a valid question and the answer is an absolute yes volume pills will increase your sperm count so it will raise your chances of conceiving a child but obviously there could be other issues that could be the problem here and if you are worried in any way that the may be a reason why you or your partner are struggling to conceive then I would always recommend going for advise and help from a medical professional.

Can You Take Volume Pills At The Same Time As Other Erection Boosting Supplements?

So some people don’t realise because Volume Pills Increase semen volume they think that is all they do but actually, there is erection boosting ingredients included as well so they do improve erection quality although they are not as good as some of the other erection boosters on my site although they do still improve erections as well. With that being said the answer to this question is if you are careful and you know your male enhancement ingredients check that none of the ingredients in both male enhancement pills are the same and if they are all completely different as in if they both have 1 ingredient the same then it would be double the amount of that ingredient so could be very dangerous but if not then it is safe to do so but normally I would say I will normally stick to one male enhancement pill at a time just because you also won’t know what pill is giving you the results.

Do Women Like The Results That Their Guy Gets From Volume Pills?

Ok this is a great valid question that I have been asked more than a few times but actually my girlfriend did like the results that I got from volume pills and she said that girls would like the Idea of more semen volume because it would show them that their sexual partner would be very fertile which is big thing that a woman looks for so the answer for this question was a yes, but on the other hand I don’t think they would like it in their hair!

Are Volume Pills Safe And Do They Give You Side Effects?

This is a simple one to answer for you guys the answer is yes Volume Pills are a completely safe semen volume enhancer and my #1 Male Enhancement pill for Increasing semen volume. There is also no risk of side effects at all with volume pills I took volume pills for six months personally and didn’t get any side effects and I’ve not heard of anyone getting any side effects from taking this male enhancement pill.

Are The Results From Volume Pills Permanent?

Ok, guys, this is probably the most asked question for all male enhancement pills and unfortunately, the answer is no there is no such pill that you can take once and get permanent results from if there was there would probably be no need for male enhancement pills. So you do have to keep taking this supplement to keep getting results when you stop taking these the results will slowly drop.